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Rudy Gobert deserves all the money in the world, but will he get the supermax?

Negotiations are hot and heavy, and both sides only have a few more days to reach a deal.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The question that every Jazz fan has right now is “what is going to happen to Rudy Gobert?”. It’s been the hot topic of conversation over the last couple of weeks, and has heated up every day that inches closer to the supermax extension deadline in four days. Yesterday a report came from ESPN 700’s Porter Larsen:

This report sparked a lot of conversation on Twitter, but I don’t think it really tells us anything more than we already know. Of course Rudy is going to ask for the supermax 35% percent of cap extension (instead of the normal 30% of cap max). And of course, the Jazz didn’t agree to that right off the back. The two-sides are in a negotiation with millions of dollars on the line, so you can understand why they have taken time to make sure they get what they both want. The fact that nothing has been agreed upon yet can be seen as a positive sign, meaning both parties are still trying to find somewhere in the middle to ink an extension, and I still think that’s what will happen.

The discussion that has gone on lately among Jazz fans and other media members, is regarding whether or not Rudy Gobert is worth the supermax. It’s hard to say that anyone is worth that kind of money. Rudy Gobert is obviously not LeBron James, or Giannis Antetokounmpo. But Rudy’s value to the Utah Jazz organization makes him absolutely worth all of the dollars that the NBA can possibly allow them to spend. I’ve heard several people say “with the money that the Jazz are spending on Gobert, they could get a superstar!” This just isn’t a fair argument, because in order to get a “superstar” they have to find a player that actually wants to be in Utah over other NBA destinations, which is getting more difficult each year. Besides that, Rudy Gobert is a superstar! He is an All-Star, 3x All-NBA, 2x Defensive Player of the Year, 4x All Defense that actually WANTS to be in Utah. Taking out all of the accolades, all Rudy has ever done in Utah is win. Removing players that have won MVP awards, Rudy has accumulated the most win shares in the NBA two out of the last three seasons that he hasn’t been injured. The other season he finished with 2nd-most. If you’re not into win shares, that’s fine I get it. But look where Gobert has taken the Jazz. Before Gobert, the Jazz were a lottery team. Now in his prime, they are a perennial 50-win playoff team that has advanced to conference semi-finals in two of the last four seasons. Obviously, aspirations are much higher than the second round of the playoffs. Everyone wants to win a championship, especially Rudy. He’s mentioned himself just days ago that his goal is to stay in Utah and win a ring. If you take Rudy off the team for the last couple of seasons, I honestly don’t think they are a playoff team, even with the rise of Donovan Mitchell. With that being said, things could go very poorly for the Jazz if they lose Rudy, and I hope that isn’t the case.

For me personally, I don’t ever want to live in a world where Rudy Gobert is not on the Utah Jazz. It’s very uncomfortable for me to imagine Rudy playing for another team, especially playing against the Jazz. If Rudy agrees to take less money that he is eligible for, that’s great, and will help the Jazz. But if he wants the supermax and doesn’t get it, and leaves the Jazz, this will be a huge mistake. Pay the man what he wants, give him what he asks for. Keep Rudy in Utah and all will be well.


If it means keeping him in Utah, do you think the Jazz should supermax Rudy Gobert?

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