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What are the Utah Jazz players doing in quarantine?

Between making TikTok videos and camping at the fridge, Jazz players have been participating in a variety of activites.

Rudy Gobert- Instagram

We’re nearing the one-month mark since that unforgettable night on March 11, when the NBA world stood still. Almost 30 days have passed since Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 becoming the first known case, and the sports world would never be the same. Since then, the NBA season was postponed, and players, fans and people across the world have been spending time in quarantine and self-isolation.

So, what exactly has been going on during these past 30 days? What have the Jazz players been doing to pass their time with no basketball, no friends, no media, etc? Surprisingly, there’s quite a bit of variety in the activities that Jazz players have been participating in during quartine. Here’s a summary:

Rudy Gobert- Still getting that work

Getting COVID-19 wasn’t about to stop Rudy Gobert from getting stronger. After making a full recovery from the coronavirus, Rudy got back to work, and made sure everyone knew about it.

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Another great day yesterday! @mwpena

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Back at it

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Boxing, weights, cardio - the good stuff. It’s good to see Rudy getting back to himself, at least his workout routine.

Donovan Mitchell - Video Games

Donovan Mitchell seems like he’s living the gaming dream. Locked in at home, no responsibilities, and unlimited video games.

Between playing in the NBA 2K Players Tournament (getting bounced in the first round smh) , and streaming Call of Duty with gaming king Ninja, Donovan Mitchell has been living his best life, at least through video games.

Mike Conley - Dad Lyfe

There are some positives of the quarantine effects, like being able to spend more time with your loved ones. Mike Conley is taking full advantage and chilling with his kiddos. You love to see it.

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Dad life

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Joe Ingles- Autism Awareness

Of all the Utah Jazz players, Joe Ingles might be doing the most important thing during his quarantine. Joe has chosen to spend his time during quarantine raising a bunch of awareness for Autism. Just go check his twitter timeline and you will see handfuls of tweets of his own, as well as retweets of other people, showing support for individuals with autism. Joe and his wife Renae have recently partnered with Chip Cookie Co, and created an “Austim Awareness” cookie.

Bojan Bogdanovic - Remembering he has Twitter

You know Bojan is bored. He must have went to create a Twitter account to spruce things up a bit, only to remember that he already had one.

This is just hilarious. What’s even funnier though, is Bojan’s first tweet since remembering he has a Twitter account.

Don’t we all Bojan, don’t we all.

Royce O’Neale and Jordan Clarkson - TikTok Kings

Like most of the world (or so it seems), some Utah Jazz players have turned to TikTok during this time of social isolation. Royce O’Neale and Jordan Clarkson have stepped up their TikTok game since the NBA’s suspension, creating some video content in their increased spare time.