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The Utah Jazz are playing dominant basketball

With eight wins in a row, the Jazz are back to dominating teams in the regular season

Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are on another level right now.

8 wins in a row, including winning in 12 of their last 14 games. Had Jaren Jackson Jr. and Devonte’ Graham not made those insanely clutch shots against the Jazz at home, the Jazz would be riding a 14-game winning streak right now. Not only are the Jazz winning every game they play recently, they are absolutely dominating, especially on the offensive side of the court.

Here’s where the Jazz rank in several stats over the last 8 game stretch:

Record: 8-0 (1st)

Point Differential: 152 (1st)... (that’s 19 points a game!!!!)

Points: 125 per game (1st)

3PM: 154 (1st)

3P%: 44% (1st)

OffRtg: 127.4 (1st) !!!!

The Jazz have put up these insane numbers against some of the top defenses in the league. Over the last eight games they have played the league’s 2nd, 4th, and 10th best defenses, with several more in the top 15. The Jazz are putting up crazy numbers against some really good defensive teams.

The Jazz offense is just a different beast right now. Led by Donovan Mitchell, who has just been playing insanely good for the last month or so, the Jazz offense looks like the absolute buzz saw that it was for the majority of last season. With this recent stretch of scorching three-point shooting, the Jazz are now up to third in the league at 37.3 percent. This is an awesome swing, considering that the Jazz were actually in the bottom half of the league for most of the season before this recent hot streak. Shooting well obviously impacts every single team in the league, but the Jazz rely heavily on the three-point shot, so when they are shooting a good percentage, they just become a completely different team.

They made a career-high 27 threes against the Celtics last week, and that about sums up how the last couple weeks of Jazz basketball have gone.

The Jazz now have several players shooting above 40 percent from three, which might be their biggest reason for success over the last stretch. Mike Conley is shooting 45.7 percent from deep, which is 1st in the league for players with over 100 attempts. Bojan Bogdanovic, who struggled in the early stages of the season, is up to 42.2 percent which is 7th in the league. The Jazz also have Joe Ingles, Royce O’Neale, and Rudy Gay who are all shooting above 40 percent from three. Having 5 guys shooting above 40 percent is a huge factor in the Jazz success. Add in Donovan Mitchell, who is now up to 35 percent, and you have an absolute unit of a three-point shooting team.

Speaking of Rudy Gay above, the Jazz have been playing great basketball since he came back from nursing his injury. They are 11-2 since Gay’s return, and you can definitely see the value that he brings to the Jazz when he steps on the floor. His size, length, strength, and basketball IQ give this Jazz team a different feel. Hopefully this translates to the playoffs when things get a little more buckled down, and the defense starts to tighten up.

It’s great to see the Jazz back playing dominant basketball. Just like they did all of last season, they are just putting teams away with their offensive firepower. Although it’s always great to win games during the season for playoff placement, the real question for this Jazz team is what they can do in the playoffs. Not making it past the second round this past spring, and how they went out, left a horrible taste in everyone’s mouths. The Jazz need to keep up this great play, but they also need to pace themselves to not peak too early like it seemed to happen last year. The Jazz have made some subtle changes to their game that might make the difference in the playoffs, but only time will tell.