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Donovan Mitchell is the hottest player in the NBA right now

Spida is hitting stride, and the Jazz look like the beast we thought they could be

Boston Celtics v Utah Jazz Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Every year, it’s just taken Donovan Mitchell a little bit of time.

Time to get going, warm up, find his stride. Just like every year of his five-year career, Donovan Mitchell started a bit slow, but has seemed to now found his stride, and the NBA might be in trouble.

Over the last five games, Mitchell is absolutely scorching hot. 31.2 points per game on 57/44/94 shooting splits. That’s pretty unreal. His 156 points in the last five games is the most in the NBA during that span, as well as leading in field goals and three-pointers made. Scoring 30+ points per game on 57 percent shooting and 44 from three on 9.6 attempts per game is incredible. Not only is he scoring, but over that same stretch he is averaging 5.2 assists and 3.6 rebounds, both higher than his normal season averages. Not only is he scoring, assisting, and rebound, but he’s also winning. The Jazz are 5-0 over that span, and Mitchell is +76 in those games.

More so than in past seasons, Donovan looks like he is in complete control every time he has the ball. His handle is a little tighter, his body a little stronger, his basketball mind is keen with another year’s experience under his belt, and he’s doing some heavy damage on opposing defenses night in and night out.

His recent hot streak has brought his season numbers up quite a bit, especially his three-point percentage which has hovered around 30 percent all season long. He’s now shooting 44 percent field goals, and 34 percent from three, which is still lower than years past, but trending upwards.

His 36 point masterpiece last night against Wolves was a perfect display of the things that Donovan Mitchell is doing on the floor right now.

Yes, all of these clips were from one game lol. Spida remains one of most entertaining scorers in the NBA. The body control, the handle, the shooting; he’s absolutely elite. Last night he completed his fourth game in a row with 30+ points (30,34,35,36). He’s also had five straight games with 50%+ shooting.

Donovan Mitchell is absolutely DEALING right now. He recently eclipsed 7,000 career points, joining some pretty good basketball players to do so in a short amount of games.

December is a great time to start finding your groove as an NBA player. All-Star voting will start in the next little bit, and it would be a surprise if Donovan Mitchell isn’t named to his third straight All-Star game. Especially if the Jazz keep winning, he simply can’t be denied.

As of right now, Mitchell is in the lead for another Western Conference player of the week award, which would be back-to-back awards after winning it last week. Jazz have two more games this week, in Philadelphia tomorrow night on a tough back-to-back, and then at Washington Saturday. Mitchell will get a chance to flex his muscles even more and see if he can snag his second award in a row.

Where will Mitchell end up this season? Can he beat his career high 26.4 ppg set last year? If he keeps up his recent play, he should shatter it. Most importantly for Donovan, he needs to stay strong and healthy for the playoffs. We saw what we could do in the playoffs last season, and even on a hobbled ankle he was unstoppable. Healthy Donovan in the playoffs, playing like this??? Sign. Me. Up.