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Jazz stay quiet at trade deadline, will make a run at title with current squad

No big trades, no big news - just vibes, and hopefully a deep playoff run

New Orleans Pelicans v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

NBA trade deadline day can sometimes be one of the most intense and insane days in the NBA world. We’ve seen massive blockbuster trades go down on some deadline days, and others come and go with no real drama. Depending on your team, this year’s deadline day had it’s up and downs.

For the Jazz, there was some speculation that Justin Zanik and the front office might try to make some smaller moves to help bolster their squad for what seems to be their best chance at a title, maybe ever. There were some whispers going around Twitter that the Jazz might try to bring in another veteran like JJ Redick, or try to flip some draft picks or deeper rotational players for another impact role player.

As the deadline approached, the Jazz did indeed make a move. They sent a future second round pick to the Toronto Raptors for sharp-shooter Matt Thomas.

This move helped the Raptors clear a roster spot for another trade between the Blazers, and gave the Jazz some added depth to an already-elite shooting squad. We started to see trades going down moving some better players for similar prices, including a good friend of Rudy Gobert’s, Evan Fournier.

After extending Gobert and Donovan Mitchell this offseason, the Jazz really have their hands tied in terms of bringing on additional salaries, which is why they couldn’t really chase guys like Fournier without giving up additional assets.

Jazz owner Ryan Smith going into the luxury tax his first year on the job is really telling. This man has money, and this man means business. He’s keeping together a squad that is high on the NBA mountain top right now, with the league’s best record. Staying relatively quiet at the trade deadline send the signal that the Jazz are confident in their current roster. They realize this window they might have to make a run and grab an NBA Championship is bigger now than they’ve seen in a very long time. This Jazz team is the deepest roster they’ve ever had, but are they the best? Without a deep playoff run and possibly an NBA Finals appearance, it’s probably hard to say. The Jazz front office is sticking with this squad, and we’ll see how far they go.