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Are the Utah Jazz Rebranding?

Photos of a new paint job in the Jazz training facility hint at a possible rebrand

Accent Painting - JazzNationNews

Yesterday afternoon, some pictures of a newly painted Jazz training facility surfaced on Twitter. They were originally posted on Accent Painting’s Facebook page, a painting company located in Salt Lake City. A few hours after they were posted, the pictures were deleted from the post, but not before they were shared across the Jazz world, for all to see.

JazzNationNews posted the images to Twitter, and were all but confirmed with the eye emoji from the boss man Ryan Smith himself.

The new look is...definitely different. The Jazz, who have about sported every single color in the color wheel, have never embraced a “black and white” vibe like they are at the new training facility. The pictures also show a new font with the “Take Note” in a fancy, cursive font. These pictures started a major discourse on Twitter yesterday, with everyone making assumptions that a new jersey scheme is also in the works.

When called out about being the Brooklyn Nets, Ryan Smith responded.

It’s an interesting change for sure. Black and White is bold and stark in it’s own way, and it takes a really good design and scheme to pull it off. Ryan Smith has been in ownership for almost a full year now, and has made his mark in a number of different ways. Bringing D-Wade on board was arguably one of the biggest changes he’s made, and interestingly enough, Wade had already commented on upcoming changes to the Jazz’s identity last month.

The Jazz are making changes. This is no longer the team that wouldn’t allow headbands for the sake of having a common, conservative look on the team. This is not your grandmother’s Utah Jazz team. The Jazz are cool. Dwyane Wade is one of the most iconic and impactful stars of the NBA in the last 20 years, and he is definitely going to make his mark as part owner of the Utah Jazz.

With all of this talk about colorways and scheme changes yesterday, Twitter resumed the discussion of what the true “identity” and color of the Utah Jazz franchise is. Many users created their own work, with some pretty cool stuff coming out.

My personal favorite of the bunch, was done by Jazz twitter king Bryon (@drunkspecialist).

To me as a Jazz fan, the mountain jersey scheme is absolutely perfect. The colors, the design, everything. Yes, it might just be the nostalgia seeping into me from the 90’s, but even without that, I think the mountain jerseys are perfect, and are the best jersey the Jazz have ever had.

Regardless of what I, or you think, the Jazz are making some changes. It appears that they are on their way to a rebrand, with a black and white color scheme taking priority. It will be interesting to see what they come up with, and if it turns out to be really cool, or a complete dud. At the end of the day, most Jazz fans simply care about winning, and bringing that LOB trophy to Salt Lake City.