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Joe Ingles: an unlikely Utah Jazz legend

With the sad news of Ingles’ injury, we look back on what has been a great career so far

2021 NBA Playoffs - LA Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Utah Jazz wing Joe Ingles is out for the season with a torn ACL. This is a massive loss for the Jazz, both on and off the court. He’s expected to have surgery in the coming weeks and then begin his recovery. With such a severe injury, many wonder if Ingles may retire before making a comeback to the court.

Now, let’s be clear. We don’t know if Ingles will retire or not. Many players have been able to make full recoveries from ACL tears, and Joe loves the game of basketball, so this isn’t a retirement post. This is a look back on what he’s accomplished so far and some of our best Joe Ingles memories.

Joe Ingles’ place in Utah Jazz history

From an undrafted rookie who joined the Jazz during one of their lowest points, Joe Ingles climbed into the franchise record books. Ingles is currently the franchise leader in three-pointers, 5th in assists, 6th in 3P%, and 9th in steals. He’s done all that in the 11th most games and the 14th most minutes played for Utah.

Nobody could have seen that coming. When he joined the team, the Jazz were in rebuild mode. Most fans were excited for the young core of Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, Trey Burke, and the up-and-coming Rudy Gobert. Ingles’ solid play on both ends of the court earned him minutes, and he grew with the team. He went from a scrappy defender with some playmaking chops to one of the best shooters in the league and a long-term starter for a perennial playoff team.

In terms of impact on the franchise, it’s hard to come up with 15 players before you get to Joe Ingles.

Best Joe Ingles moments

From on-court highlights to social media roasts, Joe Ingles is always entertaining. Here are some of his best moments. SLC Dunk’s Adam Bushman posted 5 Joe Ingles moments to make you smile yesterday, and I thought I’d add a few to the list.

Dunk Life

Joe Ingles, not known for elite verticle athleticism, showed off his dunking ability against the Lakers in 2018. He followed that by showing up to practice in a shirt reading “Dunk Life” the next day.

Is Joe Ingles the greatest dunker in franchise history?

Trash talking, interview quotes, and social media roasts

Joe Ingles dunks don’t only happen on the court. He has made a habit of roasting anyone and everyone online and in interviews.

When NBA opponent/comedian Blake Griffin came at Joe on Twitter, he immediately became a victim.

This was in reference to Blake Griffin being promised by Clippers brass that he would have his jersey hanging in the rafters, only to be traded to Detroit later that season. Ingles isn’t afraid to get personal.

Teammates, fans, opponents, random internet trolls; nobody is safe when Joe Ingles logs on.

Ingles may not be on the court for a while, but his body count online will only keep growing during his rehab.

Devastating highlights

“I’ve got a receding hairline, I’m slow, and I’m probably not the most jacked up with abs and all that, but I’m still going to beat you one-on-one.” That was Joe Ingles’ quote on his own game. He’s easily overlooked, but that doesn’t stop him from crossing up defenders and raining threes.

Regardless of what the future holds for Joe Ingles and the Utah Jazz, be it a comeback, a trade, or retirement, Jazz nation is always behind Joe Ingles. He is, and always will be, a fan favorite.

Get better soon, Joe.