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The Downbeat

The Downbeat

In measured music, the downbeat is the first impulse that can be heard in the beginning. It is the strongest part of the rhythm. At SLC Dunk, The Downbeat is the first story of the weekday. It's to jump start your Jazz fandom before work, school, or a long day watching the kids.

Utah Jazz Pick Watch

Time to check back in on where the Jazz would be picking in the draft

Christmas wishes for the 2023 Utah Jazz

A deep dive on Lauri Markkanen’s All-Star chances

The Finnisher is on the list, but will he make it to All-Star weekend in Salt Lake City?

Revisiting the Markkanen-Hayward comparison

Lauri Markkanen has demonstrated All-Star level play this season which has prompted comparisons to Gordon Hayward’s last season in Utah

Utah Jazz Pick Watch

Let’s check in on where the Jazz would be picking in the draft if the season ended today

Vanderbilt remains biggest question mark on the roster

Jarred Vanderbilt’s game poses intriguing upside but requires intentional deployment for the best results which leaves a big question mark for the Utah Jazz

Walker Kessler is putting the league on notice

Don’t test him at the rim. Walker Kessler will block your shot.

For Utah to lean a direction, they first must learn what they have

The Utah Jazz executed trades for four starters from last season’s team which returned a cast about whom little was known. That puzzle must be solved for the Jazz to lean a direction

Could the Jazz send multiple players to All-Star Weekend?

Malik Beasley has some ideas

Lauri’s next step is self-creation volume

Lauri Markkanen has vaulted his play this year to near the top 5% of the league. What’s keeping him from a true #1 option and all the accolades associated is creating for himself on volume.

Are the Jazz finally coming back down to Earth?

After three straight losses, the Jazz anti-tank machine might be showing signs of slowing down

Six important stats behind the Utah Jazz 10-3 start

A look into the little things the Jazz are doing to win games

The Utah Jazz look to get back on track against the Los Angeles Lakers

Can the Utah Jazz bounce back in the City of Angels?

Are the Jazz... a playoff team?

Weeks into the season and the Jazz are far from the tank that many expected

Clarkson’s passing unlocks a new dimension for the Jazz

The bill on Clarkson has always been his ability as a scorer, to morph his attack based on the defense. His early season passing, though, is unlocking new dimensions for the Jazz.

Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets: Round Two

After shocking the Denver Nuggets in their season opener, can the Jazz repeat history?

Lauri Markkanen is on fire

Could he have an outside shot at an All-Star selection?

Will the Jazz have an All-Star this season?

With the All-Star game coming to SLC for the first time in three decades, what are the Jazz’s odds of having someone make the team?

Are the Jazz good????

Takeaways from the impressive opening night win, and what it means for the season going forward

SLC Dunk 2022-23 NBA Season Predictions

The SLC Dunk writers attempt to predict the upcoming season for the Jazz and the rest of the league

Jazz fans were right (again) about TV deal request

Fans were embarrassed by media and team personalities for suggesting innovation with the new TV deal but are proven right (again) as the LA Clippers announce groundbreaking product

Utah Jazz fan favorite bracket: championship game

Jordan Clarkson and Derrick Favors will duke it out for the title of ultimate Jazz Fan Favorite

Who will lead the Jazz in scoring this season?

With a completely new roster for 2022-23, who is going to get buckets for the Jazz?

Utah Jazz fan favorite bracket: Final Four

Only four remain

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Attempting to predict the Utah Jazz’s final roster

Who will make the final cut on the October 17th roster deadline?

Way too early observations from first Jazz preseason game

We just got our first look at the new Utah Jazz and despite it being way too early to take anything to the bank, we puzzle on some interesting observations from Sunday’s action

What will Mike Conley’s role be on this Jazz team?

As one of the few remaining veteran players in Utah, what will Conley’s role look like in a rebuild?

4 major themes from Utah Jazz media day

The Utah Jazz made the front office, coaching staff, and players available to media Monday and four major themes stuck out from their statements

5 things to look forward to this Jazz season

In a season that will look much different than years past, here are a few things that Jazz fans can get excited about

5 Jazz games with tremendous ticket value

Inform your ticket purchases and snag high value games

Utah Jazz fan favorite bracket: round two

The field is narrowed down to 16, who will be the ultimate fan favorite?

Who will be on the Jazz roster when the season starts?

The NBA season tips off in just over a month, what moves do the Jazz have left?


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