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The Downbeat

The Downbeat

In measured music, the downbeat is the first impulse that can be heard in the beginning. It is the strongest part of the rhythm. At SLC Dunk, The Downbeat is the first story of the weekday. It's to jump start your Jazz fandom before work, school, or a long day watching the kids.

What’s going on with Mike Conley?

The Jazz point guard has been struggling for quite a while now

Utah Jazz 3PM record: a history

The Utah Jazz have a rich history of excellent 3P shooters but a look back at history highlights Bojan Bogdanovic’s incredible, record setting night in OKC

Length and athleticism continue to challenge the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz continue to struggle against lengthy teams, which might bite them in the playoffs

The Jazz look different since the All-Star break, and that’s good

The Jazz have shown some much-needed toughness in the past three wins, but will it continue on and into the playoffs?

An early look at playoff seeding

The season is winding down. Who will the Jazz face in the playoffs?

The Utah Jazz have found success through playing hard

Coming out of the All-Star break, the Utah Jazz have played with a level of effort that’s been missing all season

Donovan Mitchell is evolving as a scorer

Despite worse shooting from deep and fewer free throws, Donovan Mitchell is scoring more efficiently than ever.

Perspective is everything for this Jazz team

As the league looks ahead from the All-Star break to the final leg of the season, analysis of this Jazz team’s abilities is all a matter of perspective

Lapses in focus continue to plague the Utah Jazz

Yet again, a lack of focus and intensity are at the core of Utah’s problems. What does that mean for them moving forward?

Jazz franchise leaderboard update: The three-point revolution is evident

Four of the franchise’s top ten in three-point makes have played for the team this season

With the NBA trade deadline over, what's next for the Utah Jazz?

The Utah Jazz only made one trade at the deadline. Does this move help them and what does it mean for their future?

NBA Trade Deadline Day is Here

After making some moves yesterday, the Jazz might have more up their sleeve

Can Udoka Azubuike work his way into the rotation?

The young big man seems to have taken a step forward

A look into a trade target that could help the Utah Jazz’s perimeter defense

Could Josh Richardson be a solution for Utah on the perimeter?

The Utah Jazz stand at a crossroads

At their low-point of the season and the trade deadline approaching, the future of this Jazz era hangs in the balance

Joe Ingles: an unlikely Utah Jazz legend

With the sad news of Ingles’ injury, we look back on what has been a great career so far

5 Joe Ingles moments to make you smile today

Despite the gloom and doom cascading over Utah Jazz land of late, let’s celebrate Joe at this tough time with 5 incredible Ingles moments

An in-depth look into a realistic trade target for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have multiple needs they need to fill. Could Justin Holiday help them with that?

How will the remainder of this season go for the Utah Jazz?

Injuries, Covid, and trade rumors: how will this Jazz team survive the rest of the season?

Could the answer to Utah’s problems already be on the roster?

The Jazz bench has had to step up in recent weeks. Could one of the reserves claim rotation minutes?

The Utah Jazz are crumbling. Here’s how they fix it

The Utah Jazz have faced a myriad of issues lately. Many of them are fixable, but they’ll require the whole team buying in.

Where do the Utah Jazz go from here?

At the current low point of their season, will the Jazz shake things up or continue to press forward hoping for improvement from their current roster?

The Utah Jazz have a Jordan Clarkson problem

Clarkson is a fan favorite, but how long can the team put up with his play?

Jazz preserve top spot in shooting advantage

Despite health and safety protocols finally catching up to the Utah Jazz, they’ve managed to hang onto the top spot in league-wide eFG% advantage over the weekend.

A look into the Utah Jazz’s perimeter defense issues

A film review of the growing issue the Utah Jazz are facing.

How many All-Stars will the Jazz have this year?

All-Star voting has begun, who will get in for Utah?

A look into Udoka Azubuike’s first start for the Utah Jazz

After thrown into the fire, Azubuike played surprisingly well

Can Rudy Gay play the “small-ball five” for the Jazz?

The Jazz won’t have a choice for the next few games it looks like.

Donovan Mitchell is finally checking the efficiency box

Donovan’s rise to an NBA star was quick but the trajectory to superstardom was always held back by more

Why the Utah Jazz should give Jared Butler minutes

The case for why Jared Butler should get real playing time

The Utah Jazz are the best road team in the league so far this season

In a weird turn of events, the Jazz are actually better away from Vivint this season

What past Finals teams’ top offensive players says about the Jazz