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The Downbeat

The Downbeat

In measured music, the downbeat is the first impulse that can be heard in the beginning. It is the strongest part of the rhythm. At SLC Dunk, The Downbeat is the first story of the weekday. It's to jump start your Jazz fandom before work, school, or a long day watching the kids.

Jared Butler, Elijah Hughes, and more : A check in on the Salt Lake City Stars

Everything you need to know about the SLC Stars’ season, thus far

DPOY check-in as season nears quarter point

The race for Defensive Player of the Year is a bit more tight this year, though Gobert remains in his rightful place nearly a quarter way through the season

Rudy Gay is a game changer for the Utah Jazz

What did we learn from Rudy Gay’s debut?

Jared Butler went OFF in his Stars debut

Jazz rookie drops 30 and hits game-winner in first G league game

What you need to know about the Salt Lake City Stars

Taking a look at the Jazz’ G-League affiliate

Realistic expectations on Gay’s integration with the Jazz

Utah’s primary offseason pickup, Rudy Gay, is trending toward his season debut but let’s check expectations

It’s time to talk about Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles has had a rough start to the season. What’s going on?

The Utah Jazz are not shooting well, but they are still winning

After having one of the greatest three-point shooting seasons ever last year, the Jazz have regressed. How are they still winning?

Potential Utah Jazz trade targets: Marcus Smart, Harrison Barnes, and more.

If the Jazz were to make a midseason trade, who could they target?

Rudy Gobert’s strong start, Jordan Clarkson’s slump, and much more: The Utah Jazz’s season, thus far

A review of the Utah Jazz’s season, three weeks in.

Shooters shoot, and Jordan Clarkson does just that

In the thick of his worst shooting slump as a Jazzman, Jordan Clarkson rose from the ashes and did what he does best; shoot the basketball

Now is the time for Jared Butler to be getting minutes (especially as an injury fill-in)

Get him up to speed now, or regret it later

Could Rudy Gobert be a legitimate MVP candidate?

As of right now, it doesn’t seem too crazy

Jazz efficiency advantage an early season bright spot

Earning a nightly advantage in shooting efficiency is the best avenue for pursuing the league’s best record and the Jazz are doing it splendidly

The Utah Jazz have a (good) problem coming soon

Is there such a thing as too much depth? (Spoiler: no)

When will we get the Jared Butler game?

The rookie is working with limited minutes, but hasn’t been able to take advantage quite yet.

Is the Utah Jazz defense changing?

The Jazz are showing a few new things on defense this year. Will they last?

Better days ahead for Jazz shooting

Utah’s abysmal shooting to start the year should be turning around but their upcoming matchups and history give some indication it might take another game

The Bojan Bogdanović Experience

When playing well, Bojan is phenomenal. The question is, which version of him will you get?

5 Takeaways from the Jazz’s Opening Night Win

What did we learn from game 1/82?

NBA Offseason Roundup

With the season just around the corner, we take a look at what happened around the NBA since we last watched

Will this be the year Rudy Gobert makes a three-pointer?

History might be in the making this season as Rudy Gobert’s jump-shot looks cleaner and cleaner by the day

What a regional sports specialized streaming service would look like for the Utah Jazz

There’s a lot of pessimism facing Jazz fans for wanting a specialized streaming service for the Jazz but we break down how reality is on their side

What are the NBA comps for Jared Butler?

Fans witnessed why Jared Butler was highly thought of ahead of the draft and realized why some are calling him the steal of the draft

What we want to hear and see out of Utah Jazz media day and training camp

Media day and training camp are exciting milestones for the return of Utah Jazz basketball and our first look into what this year’s team could do.

This Season is Make-or-Break for Multiple Jazz Players

Time is a luxury in the NBA. Some Jazz players are running out of it.

2021 Utah Jazz Player Profile: Udoka Azubuike

The big man looked dominant in the summer league. How could he fare in the big league?

Are the Utah Jazz Rebranding?

Photos of a new paint job in the Jazz training facility hint at a possible rebrand

Opportunity abounds for the Utah Jazz in scoring volume

A deficit in scoring volume over the past couple seasons is shaping up to be one of Utah’s biggest opportunities for 2021-22

Utah Jazz: What If...?

Seemingly small events can have lasting changes. What alternate Utah Jazz realities might exist?

Which Jazz player will breakout this season?

Even with an aging roster, the Jazz have multiple players who could take a big step this year.

2021 Utah Jazz Player Profile: Royce O’Neale

How important is Royce O’Neale for the Utah Jazz?