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The Opening Night Front Court Predictions Edition - The Downbeat - #861

The Opening Night Front Court Predictions Edition - The Downbeat - #861

A lot of Jazz fans are probably eager, or at least curious, to see what changes a full summer league, training camp, and off-season will bring to the team's playbook. Will we see more of a passing game? A return to the flex as we know it? More pick and rolls? The green light on the perimeter?

Here are a couple of semi-revealing quotes from Tyrone Corbin on what we can probably expect once the regular season is underway:

On Al Jefferson going 1-8 in the first preseason game:

He took the right shots. I mean, Al is one guy, they gonna double. So the main thing we’re trying to get to now is guys playing off of him. Where the guys gonna be when they come down and double on Al. Getting space to give him one-on-one opportunities. If he don’t have one-on-one, what’s the secondary part. We gotta get him some space, get him opportunity to get him one-on-one.

On three-point shots as an offensive weapon:

We'd like to have the ability to use it, when it's appropriate. We don't search out three-pointers just to search 'em out. It's a shot that we wanna have in the bag when the appropriate time's there. We wanna feel comfortable that we can shoot and make 'em...We wanna be able to make more three-point shots when they're available, not searching for three-point shots, no...I think the ability to make perimeter shots will create more opportunities for in the post. Everybody know that right now, the way we're built, coming out of last year is that we're an inside team first, and we still want to pound the ball inside to get outside jump shots.

Happy? Sad? Frustrated? Annoyed? Optimistic? Excited?

What with Tyrone Corbin's first truncated season on the bench and the lockout, the first two years of his contract have flown by and he is now in a contract year.

Gordon Monson and Craig Bolerjack recently had this conversation about Corbin's contract year on 1280:

Monson: If a coach is concerned about retaining his job, what is he likely to do? He is likely to go with veteran players.

Boler: Great point, and I wonder if the Jazz shouldn't pull the trigger and go ahead and extend Ty.


Monson: [So, is Ty ] going to put the young guys on the bench to save [his] own business?

Boler: [nusthell version] Bottom line is, every organization's goal is making the Playoffs. Jazz desperately need that. Playoffs is where you make the extra cash and can pad a loss or a game. But great point. Last year, late push, played a lot of vets, made the Playoffs. Jazz brought in veterans in the offseason to shore up the other veterans that have left.

Spencer Checketts also told Randy Rigby last week, "If you wanna motivate a coach to play young players, give him a contract."

In y'all's opinion, has Corbin shown you enough that you feel he deserves an extension right now? Or would you wait to see how this year plays out before making a decision? Or have you seen enough that you've already decided to let this year play out, and (quietly) let him walk at the end of the season?

The Plot B question is, do you feel there is a direct link between Corbin playing vets and wanting to keep his job? Is this a job insecurity thing, or does he simply feel more comfortable playing vets?

I'm pretty sure all of you and your moms have seen this by now, but it still makes me laugh. Enes and Alec are adorkable. Tell me it doesn't take you back to the first time you (shyly and awkwardly) danced with a boy/girl at a middle school dance!

Simple question: Should Corbin name a team captain? David Locke thinks this is a non-issue and that no one on the team has earned the title/position/status. As has often been said, we are a team without superstars. The flip side of that, in my opinion, is that a player that has that title would step up on the leadership front and take a more active role, whereas in the absence of a captain players might be a little more wary of stepping on one another's toes in this area. Thoughts?

Open poll: Name the two players you think Corbin will start in the frontcourt on opening night, and name the two players you would start if you were coach.