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The Altar Boy Edition - The Downbeat - #873

Game highlights, John Stockton was an altar boy, overpriced jerseys, and who impressed the most in the preseason

So the preseason is done, over, finito. Only five of the eight games were televised or streamed, but which Jazz player or coaching decision most pleasantly surprised you (whether it was someone that made a leap, or a new player new to the Jazz), and which Jazz player or coaching decision had you the closest to tearing out your hair?

As you all probably know by now, last night's game was not televised. This was a shame, because Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors had probably their best games of the pre-season, and along with the rest of the Jazz's second unit dominated Portland's first unit. It is worrying that Kanter and Favors got this much playing time and played so well when Paul Allen was probably watching and filling in post-dated checks in his wide-open checkbook, but it is what it is.

As far as highlights go, the local media has you covered, including the play that was deemed "Play of the Day" by -- a Kanter block, a Tinsley cross-court bounce pass, and a Favors slam.



Now we have a lengthy, interminable six-day wait before the season begins.

I was randomly looking around on the Jazz's online store ( yesterday. You know what's funny?

They're still charging $67.49 for CJ Miles' jersey. Josh Howard's is $59.99. Raja Bell's, Andrei Kirilenko's, and Devin Harris' are all still $45.00.

Good luck to the Jazz with selling those.

Took me a couple of months, but I finally got around to finishing Jack McCallum's Dream Team book. It was often said during John Stockton's playing days that he looked like an altar boy, but was far from one on the court as far as his playing style was concerned. Well, it turns out he actually was one back in the day:

"Sixth and seventh grade I was the top altar boy," Stockton says. "I'm not kidding about that." ... "I used to call up to ask to serve. I served more masses than any five kids put together. But then I got screwed over. I had a kid take over for me when I had another commitment. But he didn't show, so they suspended me for one service. Then they suspended me again for not serving when I was suspended and couldn't serve. Do you believe that? So that was the end of my time as an altar boy."

Honestly, I could care less about all the Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson bits. It was these little bits about Karl and John that I picked up the book for, and enjoyed reading about the most.

Which trade of a sentimental favorite did you hate the most at the time it happened? (Incidentally, does anyone else find polls with the dark blue background hard to read, or is it just me?)