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The "I hope this is early enough for Surly Mae" Edition - The Downbeat - #907

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Middle names, player trivia, and paging Adidas - new shoes for Derrick Favors please?

The latest edition of NOC's "Every Fan of the NBA" series:

In case you haven't heard, David Locke has been posting interviews with Jazz players that were conducted at the beginning of the season. I've also been posting transcripts. Only half of the interviews have been uploaded so far (and I SO wish that these were being done when Fes was on the team), but here are some of the things we've learned:

--To teach him to appreciate hard work, Enes Kanter's dad gave him a bunch of cucumbers and told him he had the rest of the day to sell them. Also, Enes used to spend hours working on his telekinetic skills.

--Earl is blaxican and was the only mixed kid in his elementary school. He didn't know he was mixed until his teacher asked him to bring his mom to school for show and tell.

--Derrick Favors' superpower of choice would be the ability to read minds, because he's nosy...and he got that from his mom.

--DeMarre was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and had the TMNT on his walls growing up. His favorite was Raphael.

--Borks didn't have anything on the walls of his room growing up because his momma wasn't having none of that, but he had a picture of T-Mac on his door.

--Big Al didn't have his own room growing up. All the kids slept in a daybed in the living room.

--Millsap doesn't want you to know what his best date was.

From when Tyrone Corbin first took over to now, where would you say you have seen the biggest progression in the Jazz's on-court performance (excluding the natural progression of players that take it upon themselves to work on their games and bodies in the off-season)?

Please use this space to express how much you miss Derrick Favors.

On a related note, @da_breezman sheds some insight on why Favors is perhaps suffering from plantar fasciitis:

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