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The Minimal to No Reading Edition - The Downbeat - #849

Note: I do not know why SB Nation is making the gif do that zoom-unzoom thing.

Some of you might know that I was gone for awhile. While on vacation, I spotted Phil Johnson's European doppelganger:

I first saw him walking across a plaza outside some church, but couldn't get my camera out fast enough. Luckily, I later spotted him at an alleyway cafe and the alley was narrow enough that I could pretend to be taking a picture of it rather than Euro Phil.

Earl Watson on a Kansas City morning show, talking about his work with his Emagine Foundation:


If you are:

a) a lady who likes impractical shoes;
b) a dude who likes to buy your lady impractical things;
c) a dude with a thing for impractical lady shoes

then I have just the thing for you.


Available here for just $99.99.

Getting to know you question: Which type of cuisine makes you thankful for your taste buds, and what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

In the name of positivity -- a positive poll: