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"The Mmmmm.....Perfect" Edition - The Downbeat - #943

The best milk commercial in the history of the world, and #DerrickDunkFace

Question of the Day:

Does Mo Williams' injury (six weeks in cast + six weeks of rehab, meaning he could conceivably be out for the rest of the season), which means Tyrone Corbin will be forced to spread the minutes around to guys he might not otherwise give more minutes to, improve or worsen the Jazz's chances of making the Playoffs?

If you haven't seen this yet (via the wonderful @prodigyJF), the best 13 seconds of your day are right here:

Caption this:

There's been a lot of media coverage in the past week about how the Jazz play tough, physical, aggressive, banging, thuggish basketball. I personally want to laugh when I read the quotes because the Jazz, in my opinion, have not played that brand of basketball in a decade.

Much like the Jazz teams starring Deron and Boozer had a reputation among national sportswriters for being a tough defensive team for no other reason than Jerry Sloan being our coach, I think the Jazz only have that reputation but come nowhere close to playing that way.

Agree, or do you think I'm nuts?

The Minnesota Timberwolves posted this image with the hashtag #DerrickDunkFace on their Instagram.


Tell me, which is the better #DerrickDunkFace: The one posted by the T-Wolves, or this?