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The Downbeat #1200 - The "Obvious" Edition

OBVIOUSLY Downbeat #1200 will be about John Stockton at least in parts

Steve Dykes

So this is the #1200st Downbeat, and John Stockton is in Salt Lake City right now on a media blitz for his book. SLC Dunk already had a book review of it here (by Diana); and John Stockton had a twitter chat, and some of the questions were put together here (by Basketball John). There's really not much to say about Stockton's recent history, but if you are still hungry for more Aaron Falk (the new @TribJazz) wrote this at the Salt Lake Tribune:

The Hall of Fame point guard says he's more interested in coaching his 12-year-old son Sam than an NBA team at this point in his life.

"I wouldn't rule anything out, but I'm enjoying what I'm doing," he said when asked if he would consider an increased role with the team. "... It would be impossible if I had a job like coaching."

As Stockton's book tour stopped in Salt Lake City on Friday, he found himself back at EnergySolutions Arena, where he held a morning news conference and watched a few minutes of the Jazz's pre-game shootaround.

Stockton said he couldn't put into words how much his old coach, Jerry Sloan, meant to him. But the two weren't without their disputes, Stockton said, specifically mentioning Sloan's efforts to limit his minutes later in his career.

"That was one of the things we fought about," Stockton said. "I didn't want to play forever. I wanted to try to win this whole thing and go off into the sunset, so to speak. He felt like he had a duty to the organization to try to preserve us and have us around for a longer time. ... We argued about it, but he won. I would have probably gone a different route." -- READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

There really isn't much left for poor old Amar, so I'll put my normal numbers spin on things. Stockton is the best. We all know that John has played with amazing ability and efficiency even at the last stages of his career; so much so that he makes guys like Steve Nash and Gary Payton look like scrubs. John has 15,806 total assists recorded in the regular season. That's a lot. Our current kinda starter / absolute game finisher at point guard right now is John Lucas III. Lucas has played in the NBA for six years, but played pro for nearly a decade now. He has a grand total of 202 assists. That's 33.67 assists per season in the NBA. He's 31 right now. For him to catch John Stockton he'd have to for another 463.4 years.

That's obviously not going to happen though. He'll probably be allowed to retire after a cool 450.



John Stockton has 681 regular season or playoff games with at least 10 assists and 2 steals. Since John retried the Jazz players to have had games of at least 10 assists and 2 steals are as follows:

  • Deron Williams (78 times)
  • Andrei Kirilenko (5 times)
  • Carlos Arroyo and Jamaal Tinsley (3 times)
  • Carlos Boozer, Ronnie brewer, Howard Eisley, Derek Fisher, Gordon Hayward, Brevin Knight, Raul Lopez, Earl Watson, and Mo Williams (1 time)

SERIOUSLY! 681 times!



This block by Favors was filthy.



In Moni's downbeat yesterday she asked us which two commentators would we keep, and which two would be drop. She also requested this data to be presented here, so behold! (N.B. There were a lot of people who only wrote down one person, period. Others wrote in more than two. For this to be 'fair'-ish I added up all the votes for at least two people to be kept, or two people to be kicked off)

Call The Please
Name Game Go Away
Alema Harrington 1
AllThatAmar 1
Clippers Announcer 1
Craig Bolerjack 3
David Locke 5 1
Hot Rod Hundley 4
Jarron Collins 2
John Stockton 1
Karl Malone 2
Matt Harpring 2 5
Pace Mannion 1
Phil Johnson 2
Ron Boone 9
Steve Brown 9
Thurl Bailey 2
Tony Parks 1

N.B. I didn't vote, but I am flattered someone would want to have me on a broadcast. Surely to be driven insane. Steve Brown is not very popular.



Random image dump . . . I guess.


Trey Burke (via Basketball John via Imagur)

Sad Deron Williams news:

Yes, he's hurt again.

And apparently this is Tim Duncan's new girlfriend, whom I think if that doesn't work out the Jazz need to hire her immediately to take over for Steve Brown and whatever he does.

The expressed phenotype is my type; but ditch the Spurs tank top. You'd look much better wearing an Enes Kanter jersey.