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The Burning Questions for the Off-Season Edition - The Downbeat - #1K21

Burning Questions for the Off-Season

A simple exercise: Close your eyes and picture the Jazz player that most frustrates you, doing all the things on the court that frustrate you to no end.

Now open your eyes and ask yourself this question: Are your frustrations with this player rooted in what he does on the floor/how he plays, or how he is used? Would you have less of a problem with this player if he were used differently by the coaches?

It's a pretty good bet that Jeff Hornacek gets consideration for head coaching gigs this off-season.

How upset would you be on a scale of 1-10 about losing Horny, and (this is obviously hypothetical) would you roll with Horny over Ty given the choice?

P.S. Given Corbin's history of hiring ex-teammates, Horny will likely be replaced by either Jay Humphries or Tom Chambers. You heard it here first.

I'm repeating this second hand as I haven't had a chance yet to listen to Dennis Lindsey's locker room cleanout comments, but it's been reported that he stated that Tyrone Corbin has the support of the Miller family as head coach of the Utah Jazz.

Kurt Kragthorpe talked about some of the more frustrating aspects of Corbin's performance this season:

Corbin mismanaged forward Gordon Hayward’s playing time during a key stretch in March, wearing him down in the second halves of games before finally starting him and properly distributing his minutes. Only recently did Corbin apparently discover a standard practice at all levels of basketball, making offense-defense substitutions on important possessions.

The Jazz’s most successful end-of-game sequences, including a buzzer-beating shot against San Antonio and a clinching 3-pointer last Sunday at Golden State, have come from point guard Mo Williams dribbling out high and shooting, not from any cleverly designed plays. And Williams’ self-reliance at critical moments has created as many negative results as positive.

He also mentioned a possible aspect of keeping Corbin on as head coach that perhaps doesn't automatically spring to mind:

And I believe having an African-American coach thrive in the state’s most visible sports job only could improve the image of Utah as a place of increasing diversity.


In the big picture, would you say this season was a big, giant step in the right direction, a big, giant waste of a year, or somewhere in between?

Your season wrap-up haiku/rap/narrative poem/limerick/free verse/etc. Go.