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The Age-Old Grammar Question Edition - The Downbeat - #1K27

A letter to Jazz fans from Utah Jazz President Randy Rigby:


Thoughts on the message?

Also, here's an age-old debate: Is "Utah Jazz" singular or plural?

If you listened to this week's Utah Jazz Podcast, you'll have heard Jimbo Rudding delve into an under-discussed mystery that deserves so much

What is the deal with Tyrone Corbin's mustache?


Jimbo postulated several theories, such as Ty shaves up to it, while I think that thin of a mustache requires the precision and skills of a bikini waxer.

What is your best explanation for this phenomenon?

Interesting discussion on NBA goaltending rules vs. FIBA goaltending rules and how the FIBA rule would play out in the NBA.

Here's a referee training video on goaltending posted by FIBA America:

And another posted by Coach Nick last summer ahead of the Olympics on differences between FIBA rules and NBA rules (the goaltending part is at the 2:45 mark):

What do you think, would you like to see FIBA's basket interference rules implemented in the NBA?

Speaking of Jimbo Rudding, you're missing out if you're not following his ongoing campaign to get Chris Paul into a Jazz uniform. Here are some of the best tweets to CP3:





Never too early to start making predictions for next season, right? Given what you know or think you know about how management and the coaching staff and players operate, where do you predict the Jazz will finish in the Western Conference, and when will their season end (out of Playoffs, first round, second round, conference finals, finals - loser, finals - winner)?