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Downbeat# Friday the 1144th Edition


By Spencer Campbell

Happy Friday the 13th. The Utah Jazz all time regular season record on Friday the 13th is 8-3. I probably could have figured this out the Rainman way, but I was tired. Anyway why does this matter. It doesn't. Other than we have a game 3 months from today Friday Dec 13th 2013 in Denver. We will win. Also, someone is going to ask or wonder what is the Utah Jazz record on Friday the 13th. Well Jonathan Rinehart and Utah Jazz fans it is 8-3 Please site your sources. See below.

Win 1

Win 2

Win 3

Loss 1

Win 4

Loss 2

Win 5

Win 6

Win 7

Win 8

Loss 3

Gordon Hayward's extension. Is the AK 2.0? I am not comparing AK's play to GH's at all. I understand that they are two very different players, with different skill sets ect. However, do we offer or give Gordon Hayward more than we should or than he deserves, because of what his value is now or what his perceived value is? Dan (SCH) and Peter (SLCDunk) talked about the extension about a month ago if you haven't heard it. Is he a Max player no, but he is our second best player...yes. So, do we pay him like he is our second best player. I am not sure.

Gordon Hayward as the #1 skip to the 8 minute mark. There is a Paul George comparison which I don't think in this argument you can compare. George was the number one option this year, and Hayward was the number three. I would like to compare 2013-2014 GH to 2012-2013 PG. The argument is about slippage. I agree that GH will have a little bit of efficiency slippage, but his numbers will go up.

I am going to try something a little new in spot four. On Fridays I will share a Utah Jazz tweet that is getting the most traction or going viral. And I absolutely hate that the following tweet was the best #UtahJazz tweet of the week.

Reply in comments. It's Friday the 13th what weird, original, crazy Utah Jazz charms, routines, habits do you have or do to help the Utah Jazz win.