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The J.P. Gibson's Adventures Continue Edition - The Downbeat - #1480

J.P. Gibson on Ellen, shorter games, Utah Jazz license plates

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
As you no doubt have heard/read already, the NBA is toying around with shorter games, starting with a 44-minute preseason game on Sunday.

I am so on board with shorter games (I'd like to see it cut down further, ideally to four 10-minute quarters). I also hate the idea of ads on uniforms, but if the result of ads on uniforms is shorter games (which mean fewer timeouts, which mean less ad revenue), I'll embrace ads on uniforms with open arms.

While the league is at it, I hope the commissioner explores a shorter season. I thought the lockout season of 66 games was just right.


a) Your ideal game length?

b) Your ideal season length?

c) Are ads on uniforms okay if they mean fewer TV timeouts?

Utah Jazz license plates are coming to a town DMV Megaplex Theatre near you (if you are somewhere near the area between Ogden and Lehi).

Does this pique your interest?

If so and you are thinking about a vanity plate, what would it say?

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