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Utah Jazz Trey Burke hits a huge shot, Quin Snyder quantum Xs and Os, and more

The best videos of Trey Burke's big shot, quantum (Quintum?) offensive Xs and Os, Dante Exum's unguarded interview, what can a ref possibly do, and the Horry Scale shoot out

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So, about last night? The Utah Jazz beat the New York Knicks, check the game thread here, game recap here, and game highlights here. But I know what you are really here for -- Trey Burke 's big shot!

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It doesn't stop there, but that phantom cam video is amazing.

Via awesome blogger Justin Russo @FlyByKnite

Via another SBN blogger Seth Rosenthal @seth_rosenthal

And SLC Dunker Mark P was at the game and filmed this! Great reaction!!

Awesome ending for a fun game. And if you want even *more* then visit Moni's site for the Knicks fans reaction and more sad videos of Knicks players looking like Knicks players.



This has nothing to do with the Jazz, but John Marshall (#5) of Southern Utah gets destroyed here.

Even the ref says "welp" at the end of it.



So, three pointers, huh? The Jazz are apparently taking 23.6 threes a game. Wut. Yeah. The team is #3 in the league in most threes taken per game. Sadly, they are only #21 in 3PT% -- 32.6%. It's not as bad as some other Jazz seasons, but it's a far cry from the glory days. This team doesn't have a Kyle Korver, Randy Foye, Mehmet Okur guy on the squad right now. And yes, Steve Novak is on the team, but he's not getting enough time on the floor to make a huge impact.

But I believe that with time, and more practice, our team is still going to generate great three point opportunities for our players. And really, I'd rather have an average three point shooter take an open three than an amazing three point shooter take a tightly contested on from a bad spot. So thank you Quin Snyder.

Kover, who played under him last year with the Atlanta Hawks, had this to say a few days ago:

Thankfully, SLC Dunk has a resident FIBA qualified ref and semi-pro baller who uses Xs and Os in his old guy league play on staff. And Tazz broke down what this could look like:

Quick and dirty:

Tex Play 1

Play starts here, standard setup with the 3 on the Centre's wing

Tex Play 2

4 and 5 back screen for the cutting 3 man, while the 2 moves to the top and takes a pass from the 1

Tex Play 3

2 passes to the 3 who has cut hard to the wing. 5 goes to high post, level with the 1
3 shoots if open, hits the 4 if the back screens give a mismatch

Tex Play 4

4 and 5 switch posts while the 1 takes up position on the baseline.
3 dribbles at 2 and hands off, moving further out from the basket as needed

Tex Play 5

5 sets a pindown for the 1, who should V cut to the basket first then flare to the wing using the screen.
2 dribbles left and looks for the screen read - 4's defender may drop off to help, leaving an open 15 footer. NO SKIP PASSES TO THE 3

Tex Play 6

2 hits the 1 on the flare, and moves high for balance. 5 reposts in low block, using a mismatch if the pindown gets the PG defender free.

1's options:
- open jumper
- hit the 5 in the post
- ball rotation to the 2 who passes to the 3, who shoots or hits the 4 in the high post
- 5 and 1 play a 2 man pick and roll on the elbow

Crazy, and awesome. Crawzome.

Tazz does add:

...that's actually pretty standard motion stuff, just all strung together. Would need a LOT of practice before you could run it with a 24 second shot clock.

I guess this is what a modern, complicated, dynamic offense looks like -- it may take our eyes a while to adjust from the "Post up Enes Kanter like he's Al Jefferson and watch" pablum we were fed last year.



Our Australian Xs and Os genius isn't done yet - he found this great video of Danta Exum being interviewed, where he talks about the team, the offense, the competition, and more:

Of course, they have to talk about John Stockton and Karl Malone, the Chris Paul preseason moment, Jerry Sloan 's influence and advice . . . and . . . hanging out with the other Aussie's in the NBA. (Including Joe Ingles) Having a great team makes it easy to look good. And that's the case with this site, I am so lucky to have such a great team.



People are taking notice of the Jazz. That's what two game winners against teams with star players in 10 games will do that. 's Fran Blinebury gave Gordon Hayward 's shot over the Cleveland Cavaliers a rating of 4 out of 5 Horrys (named after big shot / big moment player Robert Horry). Last night 's Lang Whitaker only gave Trey Burke only three out of five. Lang docks some points because of Trey's non-crazy post shot reaction.Which shot was bigger? Hayward against a title team at home, or Burke against Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks in MSG, the "mecca" of basketball?