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Dat Aussie Charisma Edition - The Downbeat - #1477

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Just some incredible Jazz art by @jashin_mizuho:

And speaking of awesome fan work, here are some fantastic Photoshops by flibbidy (aka @timebomb801):

We've all heard it said or even said ourselves, "If the Jazz were in the Eastern Conference..."

Dennis Lindsey said on 1320 yesterday that he loves being in the Western Conference because Jazz players are developing and learning how to win against the highest possible level of competition.

That said, if there was some kind of league realignment and the Jazz could be realigned to a conference or division with lesser quality competition, yay or nay?

Quin Snyder has said many times that he wants his players to sprint back and form a wall on defense, even if it could be at the expense of offensive rebounds. Out of all the Jazz bigs, Rudy Gobert catches my eye for the way he sprints down the floor on possessions.

One of the things I most appreciated about Karl Malone was the way he ran the floor and the way he got the rebound and then beat everyone else down the floor to score the bucket. (Of course, I totally took this for granted for all the years he played and didn't even realize it wasn't a given until he was gone.)

Don't know if you've seen this, but here are the NBA on TNT guys talking about what made Karl great, including how he ran the floor.

Dennis Lindsey on Dante Exum:

"Of course I understand everybody’s excited about Dante, and you know, the size and length and skills and that Aussie charisma."

What is your favorite thing about Exum?

A) his size

B) his length

C) his girth

D) his skills

E) dat Aussie charisma

F) other (fill in below)