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The Eurooooooooo Edition - The Downbeat - #1501

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Because this is worth watching a million more times:

#rudygobert #utahjazz #eurooooooo

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Speaking of Rudy, a Spurs fan on Pounding the Rock dubbed Rudy "The Gobstopper." This is just a fantastic nickname. Shame on us in Jazz Nation for not coming up with it first!

And while we're on the subject of Rudy, be sure to read this piece, by Aaron Falk, on the impact that Rudy is having and how his passion and potential are shining through.

The best part may be hidden in the "deleted scenes" post, though. Don't miss the embedded Soundcloud of Evan Fournier imitating the high-pitched voice of baby shooting guard Rudy.

A nice profile on Quin Snyder, covering all his stops en route to his first head coaching job, by Scott Howard Cooper here.

Caption this:


The way this season is going and the team is progressing, I'm...

A) excited to see us win more games and can't wait to see the Jazz hit their stride later in the season

B) spending more and more time researching draft picks

C) somewhere in between

D) all of the above