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The Dec. 5, 2015 Edition - The Downbeat - #1489

Jeff Van Gundy on the state of the Jazz:

The game has changed. It's so hard, it's so much harder now than five years ago or 10 years ago to get stops because of everyone shooting such, the volume of threes. They're putting four 3-point shooters on the floor, and that's where the Jazz are a little bit different right now, right, 'cause they're still relying on the two-big approach of [Enes] Kanter and [Derrick] Favors, even though Kanter, you know, wants to step out there and shoot some threes.

Listen, it's hard. And so, you have to, the ideal situation would be big, be big in the guard area, so you can do some switching of pick and rolls, and have bigs who have great lateral quickness. When I watch Utah, obviously, Kanter is less than mobile. He's a good offensive player; defensively, more challenged. So, they have some issues defensively.

I do like how they play offensively. I love watching 'em play, the way they move it and they share it...

To me, their growth will be tied directly to [Trey] Burke, and he's had some good moments and some struggling moments. And if he can become really good, I think they can have a real shot. If he can't, then all they are is small in the backcourt.

And they need more consistency from [Gordon] Hayward and Favors, and [Alec] Burks. I mean, they've invested in all those guys, and now, you know, hopefully they've got the right horses...[Hopefully, they] see that their improvement is going to be tied directly to the defensive end of the floor, [and] they have got to take the defensive, their defensive games, as serious as they take their offensive improvements.

A few weeks ago I asked whether you'd make any changes to the starting lineup. Most people said no. Does that still stand?

What changes would you make to the starting lineup or the substitution pattern, if any?

Another question raised with JVG was what changes he'd make to the Secaucus process.

His answer: "I would board up that room and never have anyone enter it again," with reasoning being that there are now so many triggers for replays that Secaucus is slowing the game down rather than speeding it up like it was supposed to. I couldn't agree more. This season hasn't been a bed of roses for Jazz fans, and sitting there waiting for the game to play out while that split screen of Secaucus takes over your screen can be excruciating.

I know one person that will be disappointed if Secaucus is done away with, though. That would be Steve Brown, because he wouldn't be able to say See-cock-us anymore.

Are you:

A) Team Doc Anderson

B) Team NBA/Jazz

Your best Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase?