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The Downbeat #1275: All-star Break, Alec Burks, and Going to the Hole

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Video Highlights from last night and the Recap HERE

A couple of things worth noting, Corbin has made some good in game adjustments over the past week or so. This happened again last night. Corbin gave the ball to Burks in the last two minutes and let him go. The great part about this two minute sequence is that Gordon Hayward and Trey Burke knew that their shots weren't falling, and deferred to the hot hand (Burks) . This shows leadership both on and off the court, as well as the desire to win. Huge sign of growth. Also, giving the ball to your best playmaker is always a good idea.

Marvin, Alec, and Kanter have been playing very well over the past two weeks.


Marvin is averaging 16 points and 7 rebounds in 30 Minutes over the past two weeks. Even more importantly is when those points are coming. He is helping the Jazz get things started. His first quarters have been great over the past few games. While I don't know if he will be Utah next year, he is making an argument that we should at least think about it.

Be Aggressive! Be Be Aggressive!

Alec and Gordon went a combined 24-26 last night, For whatever reason (Philly sucks) those two felt like they could get to the rack whenever they wanted to. Alec is the first Jazz player to have 14+ FT's in a game since 2009 it has been almost five years....crazy. And together this is only the third time since the Stockton to Malone era we have had two guys with 12+ FT attempts in the same game. 1) Deron and Memo Dec 12 2009 and 2)  Memo Andrei January 12 2009.

MCW vs. Burke It's not as big as DWill vs. CP3 back in the day, but it should be fun to watch both of these players develop over the next 10 plus years... from Jody Genessy via Deseret News Burke talking about MCW.

"You can’t take nothing away from him. He’s a really good player," the 6-foot-1 Burke said of Carter-Williams. "He’s a 6-6 point guard. I think that’s the toughest thing guarding him. If he gets in the paint, he’s 6-6. I’ve just got to continue to get better and learn from this game."

Obviously they both have some advantages and disadvantages, but I like our guy. I think he is winner and love his fire and passion for the game. What say ye? Nets vs Jazz coverage

What is your favorite memory/favorite part of All-Star Weekend?