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The All is Quiet on the Wasatch Front Edition - The Downbeat - # 1282



Thrilled, meh or devastated?

It's prediction time.

Will there be any more roster changes?

Will any of the players currently on the roster be waived or bought out?

Will the Jazz sign any 10-day contracts before the end of the year?

Do you foresee any lasting changes to the starting lineup or minute distribution now that the trade deadline has passed?


game, you're probably not alone.

Tyrone Corbin

was asked during practice whether, in hindsight, he'd do anything differently.

His response:

Maybe. Maybe. We’ll see. Maybe. I decided to go the way I did. I wanted to wait. I thought they were gonna go a little sooner, but they waited, and we fouled ‘em.

Sidney Lowe was also asked about this. He put the blame for the delay in fouling on the players:

Well, you know, I mean, obviously, [the directive to foul] has gotta come from the sideline, but players should know, coming out of the timeout, coach kinda explained what was going on, what we’re trying to get. And I don’t know if they didn’t realize, you know, that we needed a foul right away.

But I saw, I know, you know, a couple guys, couple of people on the bench kinda stood up and said, “Hey, we gotta get ‘em.” And then, the amount of time, the message was relayed, and I, you know, it was a little late, and Trey [Burke] fouled with, I think with about eight seconds on the shot clock.

I rewatched the video, and no one on the bench stood up. A few players kind of looked around questioningly, and Corbin took a few steps but exhibited no sign of telling Burke or anyone else to foul.

Here's a pretty interesting read tweeted out by @davidjsmith32.


in 2004, Danny Ainge spoke to both Jeff Hornacek and John Stockton to gauge their interest in transitioning to coaching.

“I talked to Jeff back in the days when we were first hiring Doc, but Jeff wasn’t really ready to get in the game,” Ainge said. “I talked to him about his desire to coach. He was somebody that I thought of when I knew we were going to be looking for a new coach. Doc was on the top of our list, but I was just checking to see on Jeff.

“I also talked to John Stockton to see if he might be interested. Those were two players who I just liked who they were and how they played and how they approached the game. I felt like those guys would make great coaches if that was something they wanted to do. But neither one of them was interested because they were just retiring and had been away from their families for so long.”

Question posed by Basketball John (yes, two weeks later and I'm still jacking stuff from his Twitter TL)

I'm going to add that Ty is still going to be Ty (for good and bad) with the #1 pick, and the Jazz will still have a few vets on the team. What say you?