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The Win a Prize from Amar Edition - The Downbeat - #1324

Jerry Sloan story, announcement predictions and Bingo

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
One. Love this 2-part tweet story. Love.


Two. H/T Amar and via @carty64: Every NBA team's season summed up in one photo.

Does the Jazz's photo work for you as a representation of this season?

Three. In case you missed it, some of Peter J. Novak's finest work:


Four. Which suit wore Sidney Lowe best?





Five. Let's start this pool. When will the Jazz make an announcement about coaching (whether it's an extension for Ty or going in a different direction)?

Give an exact time or date. The person with the closest guess will get a TBD prize from Amar.

Some dates that might be helpful:

Apr. 16 -- last regular season game

Apr. 17 -- locker room cleanout (probably)

May 20 -- draft lottery

June 26 -- draft

July 11 -- Vegas summer league begins