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The Interest from Very Qualified Individuals Edition - The Downbeat - #1360

coaching search, draft, all-rookie team

Did an image search for Dennis Lindsey. This is what came up.
Did an image search for Dennis Lindsey. This is what came up.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

During Randy Rigby's interview on 1280 the day after the draft lottery, Gordon Monson said and Rigby agreed that it's better to live in Salt Lake City and draft fifth than it is to live in Cleveland and get the first pick three out of four years.

Agree or disagree?

Rigby was also asked where the Jazz roster needs upgrades. His response included a deeper wing rotation and better shooting from the wing position, a backup point guard and defensive toughness.

What would you say is the Jazz's most pressing need? One of the things Rigby mentioned? A go-to scorer? An ass-beater (enforcer)?

Yesterday, Spencer offered some thoughts and no quotes from Dennis Lindsey's most recent interview.

Here's a quote and no thoughts. Lindsey's update on the Jazz's coaching search:

We have our destiny in our own hands. We have many, very qualified, high-character individuals who are extremely interested in our position. We dug down deep with a deep dive into internal diligence. We're now starting to quietly reach out...We're very optimistic that we're gonna come up with the right alternative for us.

Congrats to Trey Burke on making the All-Rookie team!

Burke is the only the sixth Jazz player to make the All-Rookie team and the first in almost 10 years. (The last Jazz player to make the team was Deron Williams.)

Which, in your opinion, is more important: Getting a good coach (the right coach) or getting a great player in the draft? Which selection excites you more?