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The Downbeat #1362 -- The "Memo's Birthday & Memorial Day" edition

Sorry this is so late!

Stephen Dunn

Happy Memorial day everyone! It's also MEMO-rial day too, because it's his birthday!

We love you Mehmet Okur! I mean it. I just wrote about you a few hours ago!

Let's celebrate with fruit juice!



You know what else Jazz fans love?! You love to see pictures of Utah Jazz point guard (to be) Raul Neto dunking!

Of course, I don't know when these photos were taken, so they could be recent, they may not be. But it's nice to see that there's no cast. If these are recent then it looks like he heals way faster than Trey Burke does. Hence, in my opinion, these are not recent photos.

This was him 26 days ago:

So, what do you say? Hooray dunks? Or Wolverine Healing ability? Or Just not recent photos?



Gordon Hayward got a little married . . .  this was his best man.

No, it was not Jeremy Evans. He is going to paint about it in a quiet corner.



Wow. I totally crapped out this Downbeat. Jazz news . . . Jazz news . . . uh . . .

Ante Tomic is doing that thing that Kevin Love can't do -- lead his team to wins.

In just his second season with FC Barcelona, Ante Tomic is already building a legacy. Milan marks his third Final Four in only four full seasons in the competition. The 27-year-old center has played his way onto the All-Euroleague team and has won three monthly Euroleague bwin MVP awards, more than any other player since his debut in the competition at the start of the decade with Real Madrid. Earlier this year, Tomic became the first man ever chosen as bwin MVP of the Month twice in the same season, which he did in back-to-back months, February and March.




I do not know who made this, nor do I agree with everything said in it. I don't think there was a need to personally attack people (players, former players, execs, former execs, owners, owners families, media people, etc), nor do I support it. But you see, I'm at a disadvantage because I do support angry rants in German.

I got this from the JazzFanz twitter account, so direct attention there.

Anyway, the "Jazz land" reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the lottery. Beware: German language, and some naughty subtitles (including swears). And again, I do not condone the personal attacks.