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The Unintentionally Maloney Edition - The Downbeat - #1348

Read this and weep laugh. Mark Jackson on getting fired:

"I had a lot invested," Jackson said. "I talked about it in my meeting. The unfortunate thing is the pregnancy happened, the baby was carried for nine months or for three years, they watched the labor pains and being in the hospital and somebody else is going sit there and be able to grab the head of the baby when it's born." (CBS Sports)


We all know around these parts why we are not fans of Jackass. He thought he should be the starting point guard ahead of John Stockton, and tore the locker room apart. He saw himself as such a great leader and such a great point guard, and yet (I don't think this has ever been mentioned before) Karl Malone had more total assists than Jackson that season. (H/T Diana Allen)

Bit from a recent Kevin Durant interview:

What’s some good advice you’ve gotten recently?

Kevin Durant: I had the chance to talk with Karl Malone over all-star weekend—someone I looked up to as a kid. He had some great advice for me in how he approached the game every single day. He was one of the most coachable guys and played the game the right way every time he stepped onto the court. He was the ultimate team player and it’s been great getting to know him. My hope is that I can be like Karl was to me to kids today and be a role model for them to learn how to be strong and kind on and off the court. (The Source)

(also H/T Diana Allen)

I didn't plan on it and it didn't start out this way, but this DB is getting down right Maloney.

If you've never watched this video about an Alaskan fishing trip Karl took with Brian Grant (the trip was auctioned off at an event benefiting Grant's Parkinson's disease foundation), you should. It is definitely worth your time.

Here's a new story from that trip:

The auction winner (who eventually donated a total of $107,000 to Grant’s foundation) and the two players regularly retired to an Alaskan bar to unwind after their day of fishing. On one of the days, Grant left the group’s table to use the restroom.

When he returned, a crowd of six or seven people had surrounded and were stridently confronting Malone.

“I came out and said, ‘Hey, what’s going on,’” said Grant. The crowd turned and began taunting Malone some more.

“There he is, that’s the guy you elbowed in the face!” Grant recalled the group as saying.

It turns out it was a group of visitors who were from Tigard and Beaverton and who, like many of us at the time, couldn’t believe that Malone had smashed one of their favorite players in the face.

Grant called off the crowd, and everyone had a good laugh about it over a few more drinks.

“It was pretty funny that there were all these Blazers fans in the middle of nowhere who were calling him out for elbowing me,” Grant said. “But, man, that he would donate his time for the Foundation says a lot about Karl Malone.” (Portland Business Journal)

Meanwhile, if you're wondering what Karl was doing last night:

Of the teams still in it, who are you rooting for the most and who do you want to see eliminated the most?