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The Barely Covered Thunder Edition: The Downbeat - #1384

Christian Petersen
Quote of the Week:
He looks, by the way, great. For our female fans, by the way, he is very handsome. And you know, I think if and when he participates in the Jazz team, I think we’ll have a lot of fans–female fans–that will really like cheering for Raul Neto. -- Randy Rigby

When the Jazz let Tyrone Corbin go, he just kind of disappeared into the night. In case you missed it, here's an excerpt from the first interview he's done since then (that we're aware of) in which he talks about how he viewed his role as coach and his relationship with the players of today:

I think it’s a leadership role, father figure, authority figure. Modern day athletes seem to have a harder time with respect for authority and how to deal with being told “No”. They have a harder time dealing with what’s best for the team and not what best for “me”. And at the pro level it’s really difficult because that may be the first time they have heard it.

I have had to tell them “I don’t care what’s best for you I have to do what’s best for the team.” They have to accept that while they are making a lot of money doing it…It’s an interesting dynamic. The coaches have to play that father role a lot more now than when I was a player.

We grew up respecting any adult – 21 and older that was an adult. We had to listen to that adult. They were the grown up you were the kid. Shut up and listen. Period. It’s a different animal now. It’s a whole different approach to be able to communicate with kids and reach them without compromising who you are and what you stand for in the process. These kids are used to breaking those barriers down to get to where they want it to be which may not be the best thing for anybody.

Dan Patrick interviewed the Admiral, David Robinson, a few days ago. The interview kicks off with Patrick asking Robinson about the 1984 draft and Robinson talking about how he was a big fan of John Stockton. (H/T my sister. Growing up, David Robinson was to her as Karl Malone was to me.)

Love the respect the guys of that era had for one another, and how that respect manifested as rivalries and a desire to compete against one another.

Peter linked to Aaron Falk's interview with Quin Snyder in yesterday's DB.

One of the questions Snyder answered was about how much contact he's had with players:

Tribune: Some [current Jazz] players have come into the facility to workout, but are you reaching out to the rest? How do you start building that relationship with your players?

Snyder: Obviously the beginning is just an introduction. Hey. Hello. I’m Quin Snyder. I’m your coach. Some of the guys I’ve been able to catch up with on the phone. Others I’ve been able to text and trade a couple messages with. That process, there’s an introductory point, but trust takes time. Players, coaches, people, you have to have some faith and trust and then it has to be earned. It’s more about what you do than what you say.

The Favors + fifth pick to Cavs for first pick rumors. Discuss. I'll let @Mac_Jazz kick off the discussion: