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The Ballmer's Folly Edition - The Downbeat - #1372

According to @DJJazzyJody, the Jazz coaching search is down to the F4.

The candidates are:

--Adrian Griffin (reportedly two interviews so far);

--Quin Snyder (reportedly two interviews so far);

--Alvin Gentry (reportedly had second interview on June 3);

--Brad Jones (previously known as "fourth mystery candidate")

And your choice is...

Business Insider recently took a look at how much teams might be worth if raised by the same multiple as the Clippers' sale price, vs. each team's most recent valuation...what New Yorker writer Ben Freeman hilariously calls "adjusted for Ballmer's Folly (H/T @mac_jazz):


3a) What one word be on the Jazz's T-shirt from last season?

3b) While I'm here and before some of y'all have a chance to get angry/disappointed/upset over who the Jazz eventually pick for a coach and at the draft and you're still hopeful and optimistic abou the Jazz's bright, shiny future, what one word would be on the Jazz's T-shirt for next season?

Question from the draft workout: Would Marcus Smart have been drafted ahead of Trey Burke in last year’s draft?

Walt Perrin: Probably yes.


Who are you rooting for in the Finals? How many games will it go?