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The No Stockton v. Stockton Edition - The Downbeat - #1396

Ronald Martinez
Jeremy Evans is still the champ!

And some more info:


Via @DJJazzyJody, who H/T'ed @gwiss, who RT'ed @georgetakata, here's a look at what next year's Jazz uniform will look like.

The only noticeable difference is that Jerry West is now in the back. As posited by @chang_max, this could be to pave the way for sponsor patches.

Which Jazz player and which non-Jazz player are you most looking forward to seeing in action during Summer League?

While we're on this topic, it's highly regretful that the Thunder play in the Orlando Summer League and the Suns play in the Vegas Summer League, which prevents a [Michael] Stockton v. [David] Stockton matchup.

Things that make one feel old:

--Hearing them say at the draft that Glenn Robinson was drafted 20 years ago;

--Realizing Karl Malone's draft day suit is celebrating its 30th birthday next year;

--This Instagram from Rodney Hood: "#tbt me and joe johnson when I was about 10."

Off-season question:

What one condiment can't you live without?