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Utah Jazz Looking for Third Point Guard: The Downbeat #1425

Utah Jazz Looking for Third Point Guard: The Downbeat #1425

Could LB be a third option at Point Guard?
Could LB be a third option at Point Guard?
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are looking for a third point guard, preferably a veteran. This fact, which I suppose is a rumor until it actually happens, is based off of two pieces of information that came out Wednesday. First, this from Marc Stein

.and Second, the Randy Rigby interview on 1280 the zone here. Spencer Checketts pointed out that the Jazz have done pretty much everything that they said they would this summer; including the signing of Trevor Booker and Carrick Felix. Rigby essentially said that the Jazz are looking for a third guard to help out Trey Burke and Dante Exum. This interview, along with the Stein tweet, has me convinced that we sign a veteran PG soon. Leandro Barbosa and former Jazz man Ronnie Price are available... here are some other guards that are available and listed here by position.

NBA Soccer Uniform Mashup. See all of them here. Couple things going on here. First, we don't have any freaking stars above our logo (they represent championships). Second, these are produced by Adidas so there is the mandatory three stripe shoulder width. Third, I'm not a fan of the color scheme. I like the old purple, white, yellow, and green colors scheme the best. Fourth, the background mountain image on the chest is barely visible. Fifth, I like the lettering and the two stripes on the triceps, but think those would be better in green and purple. What say ye?


In other jersey news...

Dennis Scott gave us his top ten Summer League players and Dante Exum and Rodney Hood were no shows. Go get him Jazz fans. I can understand no Exum, he wasn't very consistent, and had some bad stretches, but Hood played much better than some of the other guys on the list. I also realize that in the grand scheme of things that this does not matter a whole bunch, but It's August and we are doing our best to find Utah Jazz related stuff.

Be careful what you wish for. Dante Exum and the Boomers are headed to Europe to continue training for the Fiba World Championships which tip off in about three weeks. Exum, talked a little bit about the possibility of going up against his idol Derrick Rose...

"I’m going to hopefully have a chance to go against him at the World Cup,’’ he said.

"Hopefully, I just want to get on the court with him.’’

"I think the main hope is to bring a medal back home because we’ve never done it before,’’ he said.

"To be a part of that, create that history and continue on from that high would be something that you would remember for ever.’’

I haven't seen highlights of Derrick Rose and team USA, but the hype and pub that he is getting seems pretty real. Some are saying that he is at 100% and that he hasn't lost a step. I would love to see Dante and Australia play team USA, it would give us an even better idea of what we have in Exum.

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