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The Downbeat #1426: The Jazz are Caring and Impressive Edition

The NBA Cares and so does Derrick Favors

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz have had a busy summer. Not only have they been busy hiring a new coach, drafting players, signing free agents and playing in the Las Vegas summer league for the first time in their history; the Jazz have been busy serving their community and others in need.

Derrick Favors and his girlfriend, Shivolli DaSilva hosted a back-to-school party at the Zions Bank Practice Facility on August 5th. 30 youth from the Lied Boys and Girls Club were invited to attend the event. Not only were the kids able to participate in a basketball clinic they also received needful gifts from Favors and his girlfriend.

In addition to the clinic, participants had the opportunity to take photos with Favors. They also received lunch, new shirts and personalized backpacks, which were filled with donated school supplies.

Favors tweets following the party:

A video about the event produced by the Utah Jazz:

A video from KUTV with interviews from Favors and the kids:

We are fortunate to have good men like Favors play for the Utah Jazz.

The offseason is in full force. NBA teams official twitter accounts have taken to having some fun with NBA hashtags on Wednesday mornings. This past Wednesday the NBA hashtag was #NBASweets. It has been happening for about a month now. This past Wednesday was the first time the official twitter account for the Utah Jazz participated. Some of their work:


Name some of your #NBASweets in the comment section. Check out Utah Jazz twitter for the #NBASweets that didn't get a photoshop from them. There's some good ones :)

And here is one of my favorites from our own Basketball John:

We are less than two months away from our first preseason game. Tickets for the preseason games are now available:

Make sure to follow Jeff, besides being a Jazz ticket rep he is a great follow. Follow him here.

Quin Snyder did an interview with John Feinstein Listen to it here

Snyder talks about

  • Planting roots in Salt Lake City
  • Mentoring players
  • Gordon Hayward and Hayward's new contract
  • Finding the right fit for players
  • Development of players
  • Taking over a team and how to build trust with the players.
  • DANTE EXUM, his speed and mystique
  • Admitting to mistakes and building credibility with players
  • On the importance of the D-League
  • Ends with a funny story about Dennis Lindsey at a banquet.

On Mentoring players:

"To be honest, I think that’s becoming less impactful as kids are even more focused on the basketball side," Snyder said of college mentoring. "I don’t know that kids are going to school right now saying, ‘Gosh, I’m going to go get a great education.’ I think people are really focused on the NBA. So when you're in the NBA, you get players that really really want to be there. And the players are so good, it’s crazy. These guys are the elite of the elite. And if you can do something as a coach to help them, you really can see the impact of what you work on in your profession."

On Dante:

"He’s very, very good," Snyder said of the Melbourne native. "The first time I saw Dante Exum play, I was in the airport waiting for a flight, and I looked up and Serbia was playing Australia at the U-19s, and I was like, ‘Okay, this guy’s fast.’ And then the next time I saw him was on tape and he was still fast. That speed, that gear and kind of the ease with which he accelerates and plays the game is really unique. And then you meet him and he’s just a quality young man. The accent kind of adds a little mystique to his persona. I think he’s a special kid."

Bobby Gonzalez is a writer for Sheridan Hoops. Gonzalez attended the USA Basketball practices in Vegas. About a week ago he wrote about what he saw at the practices. Gonzalez had this to say about Gordon Hayward and Trey Burke.

While there is a point guard battle going on with the national team, the Select Team had young point guards who also did some damage today, further stressing that the future of the point position in the NBA is in good hands with Marcus Smart and Trey Burke.

4. I like Gordon Hayward as a player but couldn’t help thinking he’s a nice role player. He’s a great piece of the puzzle to have, but I’m very surprised he became a max salary player this summer.

So yay about Burke and meh about Hayward. But then again what do most national writers know about our Jazz :)