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The Elvis and Pizza Down Under Edition - The Downbeat - #1525

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Quin Snyder, sharing his thoughts on technical fouls:

You know, I don’t like when our guys talk to the refs [because] usually you’re complaining about something, and the game’s going on at the same time. And you know, we’re not a team, we don’t walk on the court and expect the respect that teams that are perennially, you know, contending for titles–we need to earn what we get…

It’s just not, it’s the wrong approach philosophically, if you’re gonna bitch about a call instead of doing what you need to do better. It’s pretty simple to me.

Media: Gordon Hayward sometimes doesn’t get calls…

Yeah, I mean, you have, I mean, there’s guys that over time, you develop relationships with the referees, but you don’t develop relationships by whining all the time. And you know, I think that, my whole thing is, let’s control what we can control.

The referees are gonna make mistakes, and you can either focus on how you’re getting the shaft, or you can figure out how to be stronger and get an and-1 when you get fouled. So you know, I just think it’s the wrong mindset…I just don’t, it’s not my DNA to whine and complain and cry about the officiating. Just be better.

Standing O for coach Q.

ICYMI: Rudy Gobert hitting 3s.

To steal a page from Shums' playbook, I had a fun time reading AlaskaJazzMan's recap of the Jazz's autograph event and his interactions with Jazz players and coaches.

Here's an excerpt:

Enes Kanter: oh man I had to laugh at this one... Enes was very attentive to the ladies, as was expected, and pushed the guys in line through pretty quick. His signature is hilarious... really just a scribble. I welcomed him back to the team and said we were glad he was back from injury... he acknowledged while checking out the caboose of the woman in front of me... classic Enes. Man I miss that twitter account.

Go read the rest of it!

P.S. I miss you, Fun Enes.

What did you have for breakfast today?

To close, another ICYMI beat: