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The No Showers in Utah Edition - The Downbeat - #1512

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
How's this for mind-boggling stats?

We're so lucky Stock was ours.

So most of you have probably read Zach Lowe's Luke Walton All-Star piece by now, which Mylo referenced in his DB two days ago.

Lowe wrote:

A drinking game guaranteed to leave you sober: Drink every time Joe Ingles takes a shot! Ingles, a longtime Aussie pro who somehow always looks as if he hasn't showered in days, is producing one of the most bizarro seasons ever for a wing player.

And now we have an update on the bolded part:

And some random dude chiming in:

Just to satisfy my personal curiosity, please rank the following in order from most preferred to most hated and also note where you are/your time zone:

EST tipoff

CST tipoff

MST tipoff

PST tipoff / late national games

Best thing you've seen so far in 2015:

Please answer the following questions: