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The Changing Times Mean Longer Shorts Edition - The Downbeat - #1537

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Are the Clippers the bitchiest team in the league?

Exhibit A:

Chris Paul's head flop how-to demonstration

A video posted by moni (@monilogue) on

Exhibit B: Blake Griffin's face.

What say you?

ICYMI: John Stockton in long shorts.

Does this feel wrong to you?

Caption this (note the two guys behind the scorer's table):

quin brad

Scrolling through games on League Pass, I found myself ecstatic that the blank-faced statue Byron Scott is not our coach. Who are the top three coaches that make you thrilled they are not coaching the Jazz, and make you all the more grateful for Quin Snyder?

While we're on this subject, is there any coach in the league that you would take right now over Snyder (I'm taking Pop out as a choice)?

What's weirder: someone who's never rented a car, or someone who's never taken a cab? (question originally posed by Basketball John)