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The Call 1-800-Edition - The Downbeat - #1800

Are you missing Rudy? Check out his web series with "stylish French living brand" Gautier here! (There are English subtitles on the videos for the non-French speakers.) (H/T Basketball John aka @5kl)

Speaking of missing people, are you missing Jeremy Evans? With (more) free time on his hands lately, Rudy appears to be taking Evans' place as team artist. Here's his drawing of Elijah Millsap:

(I went to copy the code and found the pic deleted. The original caption was: "What do y'all think about my drawing skills? #theartist #behonest #icanhandlethecritics" Maybe Rudy couldn't?)

Is this the worst page of the Jazz media guide or what?

ICYMI: NBA State Flags. Fun posts like this one and the NBA football kit one from a few months ago reaffirm one thing: The Jazz need to change the primary logo back to the J-note ASAP.

Caption this:

The Jazz's losing streak currently stands at four. We have seven games remaining this month against Denver, Phoenix, Golden State, LA Clippers, Philly, Minnesota and Portland.

Prediction time: When will the losing streak end? Will it go beyond 2015?