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Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert is down, but he and the Jazz are not out -- The Downbeat #1789

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Rudy is down, but not out. And neither are the Jazz.

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Rudy is out, the Utah Jazz have a tough schedule -- but this is still a team of fighters. Coaches get on the hot seat, and I don't think we'll ever see one like Jerry Sloan again. And the bigman butterfly theory.


Okay, so the Utah Jazz lost to the Orlando Magic last night. It's hard to contain Shaq and Penny, oh wait, sorry. We lost to freaking Nikola Vucevic and Elfrid Payton. Twice. That hurts. But what hurts more in the short term picture is the loss of Rudy Gobert. We're not going to see him until Q1 2016, so let's look at some of the games the team will struggle the most in between now and then:

January isn't that nice either with the team having to play half of it on the road on long road trips. Silver lining? A number of these games were games the team was supposed to lose on paper anyway. (Schedule and/or star player disparity) The Jazz will still have Rudy back when it counts the most -- during the #PlayoffPush



Someone online said that this current generation of NBA fans are going to grow up knowing Michael Jordan primarily from his "Crying MJ" meme. I'm comfortable with that. But I'd be even more comfortable with this ugly Christmas sweater of him crying.

Truly the Goat.



Are you following the rest of the NBA this season? I find it crazy that Kevin McHale was let go. Sadly, he's not going to be the only head coach who gets fired this season. One guy who has to be on the hot seat right now is the Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman. The Wizards, with a really good roster including star player John Wall, have started the season 7-9, a few bounces from .500. However, they are last in their division and 12th in the East. That's just not good at all. And by the All-Star break if they haven't made any gains it could be bye-bye for Witt.

A side note to this would be that Howard Eisley could be up to be their interim head coach, unless that would go to Don Newman or one of the other guys on their bench with more years as an assistant.

Which head coach do you think is on the hot seat, and could be canned? George Karl? Coaches don't last long in Sacramento. Someone else?

Alternatively, what other Utah Jazz players do you think could be good coaches? You know, aside from Tyrone Corbin.



Yes, that entire section was just an excuse to post this video of Bryon Russell and Howard Eisley talking about Jerry Sloan and those finals years.



What do you think of the butterfly effect? No, I don't mean that horrible movie of the same name, I just mean seemingly random events that end up having an entirely different outcome in some unrelated part of the world? Let me explain using the Utah Jazz as an example. Jack Cooley was cut in training camp because there was no space for him as the team had Rudy Gobert, Jeff Withey, and Tibor Pleiss all ahead of him. Cooley wasn't the only bigman cut, Grant Jerrett was as well. Jack bounced around a bit off of waivers until he found a home back where the Jazz first sent him last season after training camp -- the Idaho Stampede.

During the regular season Tibor Pleiss got some early minutes because, for whatever reason, Jeff Withey was held out of games. Withey's double secret probation now ended, he has come on to be an effective defensive big, meaning Tibor also isn't getting any time to play during games.

So the Utah Jazz sent Tibor down to the Stampede, which meant that Jack was getting squeezed out yet again. Between his signing with the Stamps and the Jazz sending TIbor to the Stamps, the Jazz also picked Jeff Ayres (Jeff Pendergraph) #1 in the NBADL draft, another bigman. So Jack has no signed with a team in Spain. Tibor is down there in Idaho.

....and now Rudy Gobert is injured.

Crazy. So the Jazz started training camp with four centers, and now have only one suiting up for them. Total chaos.