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The Dress Edition - The Downbeat - #1561

A giant amongst men.
A giant amongst men.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports
So...what color IS this dress?

Give your answer below, and then check out some of the Jazzmen's answers.

You know what's even more confusing? I seriously can't decide what's the answer to this one. Every time I make up my mind, I look at the picture again and immediately change my mind.

Randy Rigby on whether the Jazz plan to use their cap space this off-season:

I think, the plan is to utilize cap space at some point, in this progress, that we’ve talked about. And so, it may be some this year. It may be all of it later, in the next year or two. I think in the relative short term, you will see that too–that ass–that tool being used. …

And so, I think the netur–natural evolution is now going to be, in us being financially in a good place, which we really are, is to now say, “Who are the right additional veteran components you add to that team, to now take us to those next level?”

And that is what will happen, and that’s what we’re going to be doing, because it will just, and I think what’s exciting to me, is actually those individuals, those players who are also say, “Hey, this is an exciting young team. I can now come and be a part of that team and be that difference-maker, to now take them to those new heights.”

And you’re gonna have players that are gonna want to really be there and be that difference-maker.

By your estimation, how many free agents out there are thinking about how they can be a difference-maker for the Utah Jazz?




We can have any free agent we want?

Caption this:

Finally, here's an update on the Rocky Mountain Revue from Rigby:

I would just say to our fan base, keep a very optimistic hope. I'm not gonna say any more. But we are working very hard...Dennis [Lindsey] and myself, Justin Zanik have worked very hard, had the great support from Greg Miller, in talking with the, Adam Silver, and the discussions are alive and well with Utah Jazz summer league opportunities. So, stay tuned.