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The Mr. NBA Front Office Sexy Legs Edition - The Downbeat - #1621

If this guy showed up at your hotel room in a room service uniform, would you open the door?
If this guy showed up at your hotel room in a room service uniform, would you open the door?
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Ever dreamed about living in a house previously owned by an NBA player/coach? Now's your chance! The price has come down a whopping $900 on this fabulous 5-bedroom, 3-bath home since Apr. 25!

Its current owner? None other than Ty Corbin.

Here's an inside look:

Thanks to Basketball John for the/being a "great tip."

And another one via Basketball John. "The Oral History Of Michael Jordan’s Legendary 'Flu Game'" is a must-read.

My favorite parts are Jerry Sloan "revealing" that Jeff Hornacek dressed up as room service to deliver poisoned Gatorade to Michael Jordan and Karl Malone "reciting" the only things he's afraid of. Just read it.

Now, an extremely important question.

Were such a thing to exist, who would have a better shot of winning Mr. NBA Front Office Sexy Legs, Kevin O'Connor or Dennis Lindsey? (DL pic via @DJJazzyJody)

sexy legs

Derrick Favors' shift at McDonald's has already been covered on SLC Dunk, but I just wanted to say that we shouldn't take everything he does on and off the court for granted. Not every player -- or very few -- are willing to make Utah their off-season home and live t/here year-round (even though they are given contract incentives to do so). That Favors takes the extra step to give back and be a part of the community says a lot about the kind of person he is. He's the kind of guy you want as the face of your franchise, and we're lucky to have him.

Speaking of good dudes, here's what draft prospect T.J. Price had to say about Jeremy Evans when he was asked about Evans' legacy at Western Kentucky yesterday:

Nobody ain’t really talk about Jeremy there as a basketball player. Really, Courtney Lee really got the basketball aspect. But Jeremy got the aspect of being the greatest person to ever come through there with all smiles and being goofy and just making everybody day. That's the aspect he got.
Bring back Jeremy!