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The Priorities Edition - The Downbeat - #1715

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Seems like every time 1280 gets a member of the front office on the line, they ask them for words of comfort for the panicking fan base about Dante Exum's injury and the point guard situation...even if they already asked the same person the week before and the week before that.

As a Jazz fan:

1) How distraught are you?

2) Do you see a need to sign a veteran point guard, or are you comfortable rolling with what we got?

On the heels of Derrick Favors becoming a dad and right before Joe Ingles becomes a husband, Trevor Booker married his college girlfriend/mom of his three kids.

This is how the proposal went down (as told by her):

After we all got home and we let the kids open their gifts [on Christmas Day], I was tired from driving back so I decided I was gonna take a shower and get in the bed. The first time I went upstairs, Trevor was in the bathroom and I thought to myself "why did he have to go in there knowing I was going to take a shower". So I went back downstairs to do a lil cleaning then once he came downstairs I headed up to take my shower. I gathered my clothes and noticed the bathroom door was closed. So I'm already thinking "Maaaan, he just did number 2, I cant take a shower now" But I was so tired and needed to shower so I was like forget it, I'll just have to suck it up.

So I cracked the door to see how bad the smell was and it was a different smell than I expected. It smelled like FINGERNAIL POLISH. So I was like "why does it smell like fingernail polish in here" so I threw open the door and flipped on the light and boy did I get the surprise of my life. He had wrote WILL U MARRY ME? on the mirror with some red fingernail polish (because that was all he could find lol) with the ring sitting on the counter.

For all the stalkers out there, here's their wedding website. The "How We Met" section under "About Us" is pretty amusing.

How great is this!

And speaking of John Stockton, he broke ground on a new four-story retail/residential building in Spokane two days ago. Thanks to @OhioHadley for the tip.

Stockton said the Matilda Building is a neighborhood-based development. Stockton said with four generations of his family growing up in the area, the building represents a family tradition of giving back.

For pictures and more, click.

Diana was telling me about a night class she is taking this semester that she scheduled to avoid conflicting with as many Jazz games as possible. This made me laugh because with the season approaching, I just requested a change in my work schedule as well, for the same reason.

How much of your daily/real life do you schedule around Jazz games?

Secondly, would you say you have your priorities in order?

Thirdly, would your loved ones agree?