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Utah Jazz bigman Rudy Gobert is getting the publicity now, but which Jazzman is really under rated now? -- Downbeat #1718

The summer is almost over for our guys, and the games will start soon enough. So let's take a look at what's going on!

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Wow, Utah Jazz fans, it's September already! The first NBA preseason game is a month away (Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Clippers, October 2nd), and more and more players are returning to their work cities for some run. Others are getting run in pro-am circuits right now, while a select few are still heeding the call of duty for their national teams. Let's take a quick run down of what's happening in Jazzland. Where are our players? What's Joe been up to? How soon is the season approaching? How amazing is Rudy Gobert ? And let's go back in Jazz History and take a look at one very big trade, and the impression of that trade . . . now 20 years later.

Our guys are at P3 right now. Well, not all 20 players on the roster . . . but at least Trey Burke, Rodney Hood, Trevor Booker, Trey Lyles, Elijah Millsap, and Chris Johnson. Perhaps more, but this is what we got to see via self reporting:

DB 1718 - P3

Okay, it's not a picture of them working out -- but bonding and hanging out in the Pacific Ocean and stuff. There are probably more than just six guys there right now. After all, a few hours before that picture was posted we see Trey talking about his sons (one of which include Alec Burks, who is older than him):

My kids! Doing what we love

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Of course, we know that Derrick Favors is in Utah doing his community work.

And Rudy Gobert is doing his thing, helping France get the #1 spot in the EuroBasket 2015 Power Rankings. (France plays their first game on the 5th, against former Jazzman Erik Murphy 's Finland. He's not the only guy we should be watching: Tibor Pleiss .

None of our Canadians or Brazilians are repping their teams this year in the FIBA Americas tournament. We know that our team captains, Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors are busy too . . . here's a pic of Daddy favors after the delivery of his twins:

DB 1718 - Favors

Funny how the Utah Jazz haven't publicly doted on him and his growing family quite like they have that other guy from the 2010 NBA Draft class.



Oh, and on the Southern Hemisphere watch Joe Ingles just got married . . . and he and Renae went to Fiji.

DB 1718 - Jingles Ringles

Hmmm, P3 with your team, or "exercising" in Fiji on your honeymoon. Joe is our smartest player on and off the court.



Oh yes, the season is coming -- but just to refresh your memory here's the Jazz preseason schedule:

  • Sunday, October 4th -- Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers (Hawaii)
  • Tuesday, October 6th -- Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers (Hawaii)
  • Friday, October 9th -- Utah Jazz @ Phoenix Suns
  • Monday, October 12th -- Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz
  • Sunday, October 18th -- Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers
  • Tuesday, October 20th -- Oklahoma City @ Utah Jazz (Boo-birds game)
  • Thursday, October 22nd -- Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz

And remember, the regular season starts on Wednesday, October 28th, with the Utah Jazz visiting the Detroit Pistons. I know you can't wait anymore!



Everyone and their Mom (but not your Mom) has been going "hype" about Rudy Gobert this off-season. Read recent pieces about him at Nylon Calculus, Bleacher Report, and Fox Sports. Gobert is ready to take over -- and honestly, if you limit yourself to just watching his highlight clips it's hard not to see how he could one day become the best Jazz center ever.


Can you imagine how many rings John Stockton would have if Mark Eaton could catch lobs? (And also move towards the basket while catching a pass?)



Speaking of actually winning basketball . . . do we over-value or under-value the efforts of Jeff Hornacek? Rey M. breaks down the deal that got him here:

Check it out.

For me, well, I love Horny. My first Jazz blog was going to be a pun on his name. He was a one time All-Star ('92) and player of the month once in 1991. He logged 140 playoff games in his career with a playoff PER of 16.5 -- so he's both someone who's been there and done better than average things while he was there. He played almost 34k minutes over his career, and finished with averages of 14.5 ppg, 4.9 apg, 3.4 rpg, 1.4 spg, and shot .496 / .403 / .877. In his last two seasons with the Phoenix Suns he averaged 20/5/5/2 and 19/7/4/2. Those numbers are a lot bigger than what he did in Utah, though.

With the Jazz he became more efficient, but less outwardly amazing. HE did win. A lot more. In. A. Jazz. Uniform. Though. I think he's under rated. But that's just me.