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The Happy 2016 Edition - The Downbeat - #1809

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Happy 2016! What is your new year's resolution? (Please state this is the how manyeth year you are making this resolution if it's a repeat one.)

Now, onto the Jazz. What's one resolution you would make for one Jazz player, and one you'd make for the organization (whether it's to do with basketball operations, the arena, public relations, uniforms, fan gear, non-player personnel, etc.)

Caption this:

If you caught yesterday's game against the Blazers, you saw the almost-scuffle between Raul Neto and C.J. McCollum.

Now, I think I can think of a few potentially funnier ones.

Raul Neto vs. Ricky Rubio?

Gordon Hayward vs. Chandler Parsons* (no blows behind the hairline)?

J.J. Barea vs. Boban Marjanović?

Ooh, how about Marjanovic vs. Nikola Pekovic?

Which NBA fight would you pay good money to see?

* Speaking of which, did y'all catch this?

In what remains of this season, the Jazz should...