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The Spurs or Warriors Edition - The Downbeat - #1826

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As of the last game, the Jazz have fallen out of the eighth spot in the West and are now one game behind the Kings. Assuming the Jazz get the eighth spot they have held on to for most of the season back,* who would you rather face in the playoffs, the Spurs or the Warriors? Which team do you see the Jazz having more success against?

Or would a root canal be more palatable?

* Depending, probably, on Derrick Favors' back

Do you agree with Mylo? Are these the same players that come to mind for each coach? And for those that have been around long enough, who would you say was Frank Layden's guy?

A video by the Bulls on the Bulls of the 1970s, including new commentary from Jerry Sloan:

The Chicago Bulls: The Seventies

Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, Artis Gilmore...."Nobody wants to play Chicago!"

Posted by Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

(If it doesn't embed properly, click here.)

Seems like that toughness everyone talks about is something the current Jazz team is missing.

Which Jazz team sticks out in your mind for its toughness or nastiness or edge? Or was there never one?

What is your favorite gummy flavor?

This season, which has been a tough one for us Jazz fans, is half over.