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Utah Jazz player updates, information, and even more reasons to fear them -- Downbeat #1828

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Player updates, game preview information, historical records, funny photoshops . . . .and even more proof that the Jazz are going to be okay.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz get to be at home for a while, so you should do likewise and put your feet up and watch this video of them talking about the home stand and in specifics, tonight's game against the Detroit Pistons. We also look at traveling Elijah Millsap, some NBA records that will never be broken; the NBA/Star Wars cross over you've been waiting for all these year; and the overall numbers that not just exonerate the Jazz, but champion them -- despite the win / loss record.


Game one of the six game home stand starts in a few hours. Are you watching these cool videos by the Jazz? I recommend it.

The TL;DW (watch instead of read) seems to be that the Jazz are going to go out there and hack an Andre Drummond tonight. I support that idea.



In kind of a continuation of the last Downbeat (get it here!), if you add it all up, the Jazz, a 19-24 team, still is a good team. In fact, by this metric they are the 11th best team in the league.

Imagine what they can do if they ever get healthy???



Former Utah Jazzman Elijah Millsap has found a new (old) home with his return to Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Israeli league. I can't wait to see him D-up guys in the promised land.

Maccabi!!!! #LetsGo

A photo posted by Elijah Millsap (@elijahmillsap) on

Lil'sap has previously played internationally in Israel, with Maccabi Ashdod; and in the Philippines for San Miquel Beerman.



So some NBA records were never meant to be broken. Some will be. But there are a few untouchable ones we all can rattle off of the tops of our heads. The big ones seem to revolve around John Stockton. That's almost ubiquitous at this point that click-bait sites are using him as a reason to visit their pages.

Okay, this is hilarious to me. And I'm going to save you the slideshow and questionable amount of unclad ladies in pictures on this site by giving you the info you want . . . without anything to get you fired from your job.

There are nine total records they point to:

  • Highest PPG for a season -- Wilt Chamberlain, 76ers (50.4 PPG)
  • Highest RPG for a season -- Wilt Chamberlain, Lakers (27.2 RPG)
  • Most career Assists -- John Stockton, Jazz (15,806)
  • Most career Triple Doubles -- Oscar Robertson, Bucks / Royals (Kings) (181)
  • Most rings by a coach -- Phil Jackson, Bulls / Lakers (11)
  • Youngest NBA Player -- Andrew Bynum, Lakers (18 years and 6 days old)
  • Youngest NBA Champion -- Darko Milicic, Pistons (18 years and 351 days old)
  • Some strange award for averaging a triple double -- Oscar Robertson, Royals (Kings) (30.8 PPG, 12.5 RPG, 11.4 APG)


  • Most career combined playing and coaching technical fouls -- Jerry Sloan, Bulls / Jazz (446)

The people over at NBA do point out that the only way he'll be passed is if Rasheed Wallace becomes a head coach. Which, honestly, I think we'd all love to see happen. Also I'm proud of Jerry's thing probably more than John's assist record. A huge part of that is that we've known John's record to be untouchable for a very long time. But I love a fiery coach who would never stop fighting for his players out there on the court. It inspired the fans to be louder, and the players to dig in and play harder.

As for the Assists thing . . . John is at 15.8k assists (regular season only). The next closest active players are Andre Miller (8.4k), Chris Paul (7.3k), LeBron James (6.6k), Deron Williams (6.3k), and Kobe Bryant (6.2k). And honestly, none of these guys are close at all. I am kind of offended that they didn't think John's Steals record (3.3k) was untouchable though. The next closest guys are Kobe Bryant (1.9k), Kevin Garnet (1.9k), Paul Pierce (1,7k), Chris Paul (1.7k), and Metta World Peace (1.7k).

A really good assists and steals guy right now in the NBA is Rajon Rondo, and he's only at 5,252 assists, and 1,117 steals.There's really no chance he ever contends or threatens to displace John in either category. But that's what I think.



I haven't seen the new Star Wars movie yet. I know, it's just not been that important to my life right now. But there's a lot of fun to be had -- check out this photoshop done by SLC Dunk founder Basketball John:

Hilarious. I don't know what Kyrylo Fesenko thought of it though.