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ESPN's Zach Lowe likes Utah Jazz rookie Trey Lyles and so should you! The Downbeat #1830

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There's always a reason to smile with this guy on your team

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Today we have to look at what the National Media is saying about the Utah Jazz, from everything like how the team has been constructed to what challenges the team faces going forward. We look at the good things the team has done too -- including the drafting and development of Trey Lyles. There's some time for video games with Gordon Hayward (and daughter), and yet another baby announcement from a Jazz player. All of this, and more!


I guess we should start with the point guards here. The Utah Jazz signed D League-er, and former Utah Jazz draft pick (because life is funny sometimes), Erick Green yesterday to a 10-Day contract. (Signing Press Release here | Comparison of Jazz PG depth chart here) It's been self reported that Green didn't even know the Jazz were trying to sign him because they kept calling his phone, but he was screening calls from numbers he did not recognize.

Amazing. Green has had one practice, and Quin Snyder understands that's not nearly enough to go from the NBA DL to being ready to play big minutes.

Green will be on contract for the following games: Jan 27th vs. Charlotte Hornets; Jan 29th vs. Minnesota Timberwolves; February 1st vs. Chicago Bulls; and February 3rd vs. Denver Nuggets. It will expire right before the Jazz play a back-to-back set of games, vs. Milwaukee Bucks and then @ Phoenix Suns. It's almost assured that Raul Neto will complete the NBA's concussion protocol within this time period -- and I think they can survive the four games before the All-Star Break without carrying a 15th man on the roster. Two of those games are the previously mentioned back-to-back set. After two nights off the team players another back-to-back set: @ Dallas Mavericks, @ New Orleans Pelicans.

As we going to see more of Green than we saw of J.J. O'Brien? J.J. got in two games and played a grand total of 6.3 minutes. That's a lot less than the 133.2 minutes he played for the Jazz in Summer League back in July, but it's more than the 1.6 minutes he played for the team in preseason in October. O'Brien also has played 801.6 minutes for the Idaho Stampede so far this season as well. All of that connection, synergy, and time in the Jazz pipeline got him 6.3 minutes.

Again, I wonder how much time Green is going to get, but I do hope he does provide the insurance and depth the team needs right now while they are without Dante Exum and Raul Neto. Green has played in 417.4 minutes at the NBA level with the Denver Nuggets, and nearly another 400 more in the three summer leagues he has participated in for the Nuggets. In the NBA DL he's a scorer, averaging 26.24 ppg in 967.6 minutes of action over two seasons. He's also shooting 46.7% from downtown in the D League. If what we need from our back up point guard is someone who can take and make shots this guy could fit the bill. You can argue that Trey Burke is built for that role, but we know that if that's all you do fans will try to trade you at least once a day on social media.

It's just really funny that right now the Jazz have three point guards from the 2013 NBA Draft (#9 Burke, #46 Green, #47 Neto), and one from the 2014 NBA Draft (#5 Exum). We're really shunning vets. It's new. It's refreshing. It's a new feeling.



There's some pretty awesome news for us Utah Jazz fans too -- moar twins! This time from the Joe Ingles / Renae Ingles née Hallinan family! (Seems like in America they don't use née that much, but I guess heraldry isn't that important.)

Because it's Joe, he couldn't stop himself from making a joke out of an incorrectly fact-checked article celebrating this moment.

For those keeping track at home, this is the second set of twins for the 2015-2016 Utah Jazz, as Derrick Favors and Shivolli Da Silva had twin girls as well. Super Jazz Historian and Chronicler Moni points out that Karl Malone also had a pair of twins years ago too. (H/t to Moni) And Diana points out that John Stockton's wife Nada is one of a pair of identical twins herself. (H/t to Diana)

Twin stuff is cool, and I can imagine that things are going to get really busy for the Ingles household soon. I wish them all of the best and know that we are all pulling for a safe, healthy, complication free, and sometimes even fun pregnancy!



So Gordon Hayward is starting his baby daughter Bernie (Bernadette Marie Hayward) onto the path of the PCMR. I think we all approve.

DB 1830 - Hayward Gamer Dad Bernie

Also, why is he still playing Diablo III? (Said the guy who still plays some really old games on my computer as well...)



I'm avoiding talking about the amazing Zach Lowe piece that dropped on ESPN that most of us have all already read by now. It's a few words shy of 3,000 words, which is about 3,000 more words than ESPN would rather people write about the Utah Jazz.

There are so many things to read, re-read, examine, and investigate from this. But it's a detailed, objective, analysis of where the Jazz are today, what moves they made to get here, and what are they still waiting for. For us hyper-sensitive Jazz fans we know that the hot button issue is really about how much longer can we take being forced to wait for wins. Development is something we all bought into. Having to push our window back because of injuries is something none of us ever wanted.

Lowe breaks this down a bit, but I still shudder at the idea that the Jazz leap didn't happen. I don't think it could have happened due to the circumstances. And I fully well believe that it will happen once everyone starts to get healthy again -- and this includes Dante Exum and Alec Burks. But I guess Lowe doesn't need to harp on that point, he's a realist. And we fans can't bank on potential forever.

It was very nice to read some sweet words about our rookie lotto pick Trey Lyles, though.

Perhaps most promising is Trey Lyles, one of the most divisive prospects from last year's draft who looks like the playmaking power forward that could space the floor and unlock new sorts of lineups.

"You can see some similarities in the way Trey and Draymond Green play," Hayward told

Snyder has privately suggested Lyles might model Green's drive-and-kick game, Lyles said, and Snyder is trying to control his optimism about Lyles' recent play. "I like to say Trey has a good nervous system," Snyder said. "And he's clearly different than our other bigs in a way that gives us versatility."

Versatility is a prerequisite to winning big. To gut through four playoff opponents, you need to play big, small, and every style in between. Lyles might one day be Utah's Boris Diaw, just as some small-ball team loaded with 3-point shooters might turn Gobert into a matchup-specific bench player like Andrew Bogut. But that versatility costs money. The Spurs got Diaw on the cheap, and both San Antonio and Golden State squeezed in key bench players only after nabbing stars on below-market deals. The Jazz might be on the verge of an expensive problem.

- Zach Lowe,, 2016

One of the things Utah has going for it right now is that so many of our vital-ish players are still on rookie contracts. The big guys who did get paid (Hayward, Favors, Burks) may or may not be there in the future. And all the money stuff is just so depressing to even think about right now . . . but for the short term haul the Jazz do have a number of players, some of whom could be big parts of the next great Jazz team. I recommend reading the entire piece, it's Zach Lowe. So it's always worth it.



Speaking of Trey Lyles, or perhaps the Maple Mamba, he turned 20 last November and he's going out there averaging 5.0 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and shooting 45.2% from downtown this year -- firing up 1.0 threes a game. No one has ever done that before. If you drop down the 3pt%, increase the age limits, and change the height from 6'10 to 6'9 the closest you get is a rookie Michael Beasley. Can you imagine what Michael Beasley with even an average BBALL IQ would be like?

It's also cool to note that right now Lyles has the 11th (tie) most win shares this season from his rookie class, if you are into that type of thing. He's also 13th in total minutes from all those debuting in 2015-2016 as well. A steady role. A steady head coach focused on developing him. And no DNP-CD's "just because" . . . ? I'm starting to really think he could become a really good player for the Jazz.