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Downbeat #2013 - Gobzilla got paid, Flava Favs next?

Only you can prevent bad nicknames

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

For the Utah Jazz we are hearing all kinds of great things for Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors right now. As franchise cornerstones the sky is still the limit with them. While the Jazz ascend, a legend calls it a career. We take a look back at Ray Allen, and some of his most iconic moments. Also, because obviously we need to mention it, George Hill is balling right now. But who is going to wow the NBA with their all-around game next? Hopefully someone soon, because some Jazz Legends are getting pretty lonely.

Clearly, the big news is about Rudy Gobert’s massive (almost as big as he is) $102 million / 4 year contract.

(Also shout out to lefties who shoot right, like Andrei Kirilenko)

It already wasn’t a “max” contract. But today Woj gave us all a little more to be happy about:

So if that means anything to you it’s that a) Rudy is getting paid, and b) he also has something to work for when he’s on the court if he wants to get paid even MORE. (For the maths challenged out there, $90 / 4 is $22.5 million a year.) But honestly, money isn’t what moves Gobzilla.

Rudy has the chance to be the best center in franchise history. He’s getting paid franchise player money. And with how crazy the cap is, how large the CBA is going to be, and how many billions the league is going to make on all future TV and Web deals — $22.5 million is going to seem like a steal. BUT WAIT -- THERE’S MORE!

This opening of the pocket book for Rudy probably foreshadows spending money on Derrick Favors next. WE LOVE THIS!

How good has George Hill been early this season? He’s averaging 20 ppg as our point guard, and playing great defense. Moreover, he’s the prototypical “three and D” lead guard in the league. Or at least, that’s what Ian Levy of Nylon Calculus figured out.

No excerpt here — read it all. ALL OF IT!

A big story today is Ray Allen officially announcing his retirement. He did it in his own way, which was writing a letter to the 13 year old version of his self.

Everyone had something to say about it, because honestly, who doesn’t have a Ray Allen comment to make?

For me there have been tons of great Ray Allen memories, but what he did to the San Antonio Spurs was an All-Time NBA moment.

Our own Jazz Media member Hayley Byrnes was there when Ray hit, perhaps, his most iconic shot.

But no one said it better than Pawnee, Indiana’s Perd Hapley

We see our second starting line-up tonight. Quin Snyder went with George Hill, Rodney Hood, Joe Johnson, Boris Diaw, and Rudy Gobert for the previous three games. Snyder is holding Diaw out tonight -- so we’re going to get Derrick Favors! He’s still on a minutes restriction. And that sucks. But at least we have Favors back in action from the beginning!

NBA: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

So, this happened, over two years ago.

Mark Eaton was/is/forever will be a beast. Who is going to be the next guy to get a triple double for the Utah Jazz?