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The Downbeat #2025: Where 20 Point Leads are Lost

Your Thursday Downbeat

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. So I haven’t written in forever, let’s see how this goes.

So the Jazz lost. They have now lost two in a row. That’s hard to swallow after winning 4 straight and 11- of- 13. The Jazz lost to the lowly Kings (my hometown team now). With a 20 point lead at the 6:29 mark in the 3rd quarter things looked to be smooth sailing. The Jazz however allowed the Kings to go on a 13-2 run that spanned the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the fourth. With that run the Kings cut the lead to 5 and well you all know the rest.

So I asked this question on Twitter:

These were a few of the responses:

So what are your thoughts? What do Quin and the players have to do to stop giving up big leads. This like Kaleb said was bound to happen at some point. They have to learn to finish out games. Yes, injuries, but that seems to be the Jazz’s lot in life, so they need to figure out how to finish with whatever players we have, right? How do we do it?

So two losses in a row, Jazz don’t play till Friday, they’ll face Toronto. Luckily it’s a home game because the Raptors have won 8-of-10 and are 9-3 on the road this year. Predictions for Friday?

Highlights from the last time the Raptors were in town

Injuries have been frustrating for sure, and how the Jazz are relaying information about injuries (or lack thereof) make it that much more frustrating. George Hill has now missed 11 straight games with a sprained toe. I believe he missed 8 games with his thumb. The Jazz have played 30 games. So he has only played in 11 games. I am not blaming him at all. I understand injuries happen but it's still frustrating. Favors has missed 16 games. The Jazz started their 14th different starting lineup last night.

How do you feel about this? Are all these injuries dampening your season?

With the loss the Jazz move back down to 6th in the West.

We are in 6th at least in large part due to Mr. Rudy Gobert.

Make sure to vote for Rudy for the all-star game. #nbavote