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The Chuck Taylor Edition - The Downbeat - #1873

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Dennis Lindsey's son, y'all (thanks to Amar)

The Jazz had their previously-known-as-Leapin-Leaners fundraiser this week. Some pics (thanks to BBJ):

An Evening with the Utah Jazz and Utah Special Olympics. #suitsandsneakers #utahjazz #sequinsandsneakers

A photo posted by Holly Bench (@hollybench) on

Who gets your vote for best style?

A (sorta) oldie but just a fantastic read (thanks to Amar). The Anatomy of A Stopper: Talking With Andrei Kirilenko, the off-ball superstar.

Especially pertinent to the Jazz:

Kirilenko credits Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan for his development, with each preseason so structured and so effective that he says he could play defense with his eyes closed in Utah after Sloan’s constant schematic drilling.

Caption this:

This time next month, the Jazz will be...